Sunday, November 09, 2008

Blogging makes me happy, despite.....

I seriously love blogging, it is about me sharing my emo, my thoughts, and when i blog, i tend to learn a little bit more about myself, and to be truthful to myself and to those who read my blog. Everytime when i write in blog, the words just come spontaneously and naturally, as if my innerself is talking.

Jessie, my good friend and my ardent business customer for many years now, SMSed telling me that i would be losing business from her company soon, as her HQ is now doing their own procurement for the office essentials, to be very frank, in the most chanllenging business environment like now,losing a customer would be a blow to your morale. As soon as i read the text, i erased the message and telling myself i would not let this news affect my mood in anyway, and i just wanted to be happy, therefore i resorted to blog about it because blogging really makes me happy.

Even as my company is not doing well, even as my business partner is not sharing my vision for the company, from today onwards, i vow that i will not let anything dampens me, my strength and my happiness will see me through even the most difficult of times, and to be there with me, will always be my family.

I used to worry so much when news like this were to be told to me, it would affect me emotionally and biologically(because it makes me losing my sleep). but now i can handle it so much better now, i guess blogging really helps me to relieve a little bit here and there.

Now,i want to be a real happy man, from the inside out, i will not let anything making me sad or upset, and i know it is a journey to get there, but from today, i have embarked on that journey.
I know sadness, dissappointment and let downs will always be there, but it is only a soujourn in my pursue on the journey of happiness.

And i want to take this opportunity to say a note of "BIG THANK YOU" to you for leaving words of encouragement and your love in my comment box, i guess only bloggers like us, would feel that beautiful feeling, for we have not met but we are friends in need.. THANK YOU

P/S, Thank you for lending me your ears, let us make one another happy through our ya


  1. show me your naked pics

    that's real blogging!

    I darent, do u?

  2. we should always expect the worst especially with what's happening to the economy, it's true no need to worry ................ keep on blogging!

  3. i know someone here has something in common with me..
    blogging.. but at times i dont hv the mood to blog..
    but i agree with u..once started, everything comes out simultaneously.. either that, or dont start...
    today lazy a bit..cos tired.. perhaps later in the night...
    anyway, kudos to u..

  4. Up and downs, part of life. Hold on Bro, good things will come soon. Cheers!

  5. Keep your chin up, Eugene... when one door closes, another will be opened. :-D Writing liberated me too.

  6. Sometimes, in life there are things that are beyond our control. Price different between your co and the one I received were drastically different of 30% compared. My boss will email my hq asking for request to order locally from your co. Keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best!

  7. u're such a strong man's ok, u lost one nanti datang satu lagi...

    p/s: feel free to check-out the bloggers meeting details at

  8. Dear Eugene

    We all have the rights to dream and we all could be what we want to be. Damn all the social mirrors, for telling us we could not reach the skies!!

    Take care and all the best!

  9. Agree with u blogging takes away stress frm our unhappy routine. It connects us with ppl we dnt knw yet so concern & tirelessly visiting us & dropping truthful comments & encouraging wrds & praises & useful pointers.
    happy blogging

  10. Hi bro. Totally agreed with you that blogging takes our mind off the daily stress, especially with the current economic turmoil. I guess we all just got to hang in there and support each other here via our blogs and hopefully come through unscatched..