Monday, November 10, 2008

Cyber Sex,anyone?

While i was busy doing my things on the computer just now, one little caption popped up from my Skype icon, "i am Regina, i am on line now, contact me", i was thinking this could be a prospective customer wanting to inquire about some business quotes, happily i clicked on the link, wow !!!! man i was at the threshold of ecstasy, this Regina invited me for a web and pnone sex via a sex portal, my male instinct got the hold of me,urging me just to click on it, which i did(to be frank), so now i passed through the threshold, entering into the den of vice.

So i came out as quick as i went in. because i knew what was coming, enticing people to sign up as member to enjoy the web and phone sex. Before i exit, one little line caught my attention,(you can move the mouse to see everypart of me.).

For me it was a crunch, i was thinking to myself, an adult like me could be easily enticed in such a manner, how dangerous could it be for teens to escape from this barrage.

May be living in today's world, we are indeed spoilt with many choices,when we are tired with what we have, we get bored, and then we explore different frontiers to satisfy the insatiable needs of ours, and human's sexual needs is the one that we are at most of the times most vulnerable.

We have so many "adults rated" sites in the internet, those supposedly general chat rooms are the hotbeds for vultures, waiting for anyone to come in and to be enticed or to be fleeced in monetory forms or to be made victims by those pyscopaths.

I am worried not only for my children, but for the others many children who are not guided properly as far as internet is concerned, will it all be too late for them or for the parents when something bad happened to them due to their exposure from using the internet ?

P/S, Ascribe to your God, and walk in the path of light, and the darkness shall dispel


  1. hehe
    nowdays porn is everywhere especially on the net.

    I hope my children would be aware and responsible when dealing with porn.

    internet can be so useful if we know how to use it but it can also damage our life if we let ourself fall into porn

  2. yes..internet is informative to everybody.. anything u want, u have it.. so if not properly guided, one can be easily influenced esp our kids...

    btw, curious to know..did u click eventually...?? :)

  3. LOL, Eugene... i also wrote something about cybersex in my blog. :-D

    I am like renaclaire... curious, did you click? LOL