Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Son, you're special....

My eldest son will be sitting for his final primary year examination next year, this exam is crucial in the sense that it will determine if he can get to a better school or be retained for another year. My wife is particulary concerned about his study for his latest exam shows that he has been slacking in his exam.

I sat down with my boy, telling him that let bygones be bygones, describing to him that he can't undo what he has done, the only thing for him to do is to look forward. I encouraged him to tell me very frankly in which areas he needed to improve on, after much discussion, i drew to a conclusion that i in a way i knew how i can assist him.

So we went straight to work, showing him my way of teaching him, and asking him if he felt comfortable with the way i was teaching him, did he feel that it would help him to improve on his study, i was thankful that he gladly agreed that he did. So my plan shall be to continue with him untill the desire result is achieved.

I personally understand that why a lot of parents get frustrated when guiding their children in their study, looks like we are infusing our own standard to our child and to perform as how we want them to, and not guiding them patiently in their pace to achieve their own result. So when we see them not performing up to our expectation,we get furious and start hurling them with unkind words, i was there, i know.

But today i understand, my 2 boys are different, my youngest is a self-getter,he needs not to be pushed but my oldest is smart,and with a little discipline, i believe he can soar to greater height.

I really enjoy sitting down with my oldest guiding him through his study, savouring the moments, and encouraging him to go a little further everday,asserting his effort for proving himself.

P/S, Every child is unique and special


  1. I have no patience to teach anyone anything... very bad hor.. i must change for my future kid! :) See you're an inspiration now! :)

  2. That's the problem with schools and the education system as a whole. They implement the "one-style-fits-all" strategy, causing many kids who had all the potential to under perform and become under-achievers.

    I believe this type of strategy harms more than it does good to the children who attends "schools"...

    And with teachers becoming more and more profit-oriented, evident with the growth of highly profitable tuition centers nationwide, we are beginning to see the education level of our country rotting away.

  3. hi bro! visiting here today to read your posts. btw, have a tag for you. go visit my blog, just for fun la... check it out. ciao!

  4. Now you got me all teary... my dad used to guide me on my homework and stuff at night too... these days, such things is taken over by tuition centres!

  5. me too! don't think i can teach my kid or I probably too lazy to do it. probably let the tuition guru do the job. Anyway, after reading your blog, I still need to give some attention to him when he started schooling. He's 3 now.

  6. mmm, son's is same age as yr son i think.