Thursday, November 13, 2008

Here comes the Tag

My good blogging friend bongflo alerted me that he had tagged me, i was thinking what the hack is a tag, reading on, i gathered that it is just another internet gimmick for fun, in this tag, i was to post 8 things about myself, in return i need to tag 5 others bloggers to do likewise.Ok bro here goes.

1)Seriously i used to think that i could talk a lot, but now i realized that talking a lot will not reap me any benefits, it is better to shut up and learn.

2) I just cannot tolerate self-centred, inconsiderate people, especially those lousy road users

3)I am scared of growing old without my wife growing with me.

4)I love ogling at beautiful women, especially those with athletic shaped body and tanned body with crew cut hair,this is what i call sexiness

5) I love sex, and i love doing it with my wife,but sometimes i feel get soaking wet from running is better than sex at times, and l love running too.

6) I love saving money, though trying to learn much about investment because it wil help to multiply my saving faster( so if you are good in investment, please teach me)

7)Wish i could get out of my business,and doing something that i really really like, something that i can bring joy to children.(and i need to survive to do that, if you can help me to realize this dream o mine please let me know)

8) I love my family, and i really hope that they know that i love them too.

OK, now i tagging my other bloggers to this tag, (i was asked to tag 5 friends first, so i randomly chose the followings)

P/S: Do it just for fun


  1. wah .. eugene..very personal wor.. ok la.. see this evening can crack a bit of myself or not... i better analyse myself first before putting them down in words.. :)

  2. i like reading ur blog laa eugene...though my english is not so good, but still i understand every line in ur post :)

    u really frank aa...eheh very easy to get with

    take care

  3. ya,that's me,i need to be very frank about what i read in my blog,otherwise it will not be fair to my readers.

    but sometimes, there are few who think that i "make up" the story,anyway i dont bother because i am truthful to myself,,,

  4. Where si my tag! LOL!!!

  5. thanks bro. just passing along the tag which was given to me. when i got the tag recently, i really don't want to answer it but then it seems that anybody is doing it, so, out of respect for the bloggers who take time to answer these tags, i decided to answer one. it was ok. now, am thinking of starting one myself. i'll let you know in the days to come. i have a very nice topic in mind. have a good day bro. ciao!

  6. i can give you a hi-five on item no 4. alar......that's what every "ordinary" man would do. notice ive highlighted oridinary...hehehehe. i was tagged before, but i had to post at least 50 items. got bored and got no ideas, so i scraped it. :)

  7. you never done a tag before? I usually get tagged by friends. This tag is still ok, some tags can have 100 questions.

  8. =.= I answered you tag, Eugene, you can read about me in my blog... lol... ntg much to tell, tho...

  9. hey, thanks 4 de tag... need some time to think, dunno what to write 'bout myself =P