Thursday, November 06, 2008

My 12th Wedding Endlessly

I am counting down to my 12th wedding anniversary, another 10 days to be exact, 16th of November. I am indeed blessed to have this beautiful woman as my wife, and as a mother for my two wonderful sons.

So they say, fate will have it, indeed i am fated to be in this lasting union with this wonderful woman, i am glad. Recalling the time how i met her, man i tell you it was indeed a sweetest memory, so here we go guys, hold on to your seats.

The nature of my job then, was to call the "cargo agents" as i was representing an airline for their cargo business, it was as mundane and as routine as it was to be, so i called and i called the customers, untill over the other end of the line, i was welcome by this voice that i have never heard before, at one voice i was struck, " Good afternoon, Dimerco" coming from the other side, didnt know who she was then, so the next few days, on the pretext of paying visit to customers with my ultimate objective in finding who was the girl behind that sweet voice.

As i sauntered in to her office, i saw one unfamiliar face,which looked very inviting and nice, drumed up my courage, walked over,passed her my business card, there was the beggining of the happily after, couldnt forget her after that meeting, (never told my wife,untill now)

For the next few days, my only mission was to get to know her more and better, it was kind of sad at one point when she told me that she would be going back to her hometown in the next few days as she here for training only. As cool as i was, i invited her for lunch just to say good bye, which she willingly accepted.

We had lunch (untill now, my wife still complains that she bought me the first lunch when as a man i should be paying.) The next day, she left, i thought i would never see her again, untill after one month she called me and wishing me a Merry Christmas, for the next few months our only communication was only via phones.

I told myself at one point that i couldnt take it anymore, and the words "i love you" must be conveyed to her loud and clear, so i did and she reciprocated. But then again, we had one problem though, she was staying far, and i told her i didnt like long distant love affair and i was not willing to relocate to her hometown too.

My wife made the decision and she told me she would asked her boss for ther to be stationed here, then one day she called and told me she was driving up to Penang alone to see me, i put her up in my sister's house but ended up we cohibited.

We stayed together for a year, and in 1996, 16th November, we were legally married, and she has been a wonderful part of my life since.

P/S... I love you girl, and i am thankful for all that you have done.


  1. Aww... so sweet! You're indeed a very lucky guy to have such a great wife!

    Happy Anniversary!! (in advance) :)

  2. Ahh.. BLESS. Very sweet entry. Wish you guys a wonderful wedding anniversary.

  3. U are blessed ... 2 big times...
    one, yr wife paid for yr lunch during yr 1st date...

    two, she called u first after the lapse...

    wow..u look like brad pitt, tom cruise or pierce bronson??

    or just eugene ? :)

  4. oh by the way...HAPPY ANNIVERSAY..

    fyi, my big day is also this month.. :)

  5. have you ever thought of having an affair?

  6. wow......
    both of u are so blessed.
    many more blessed years to come.

  7. Happy Anniversary!! :)

    Looks to me like you set a love trap in Penang!! :D

  8. wishing you a very happy anniversary in advance :)

    p/s :- *sweat* over edi's comment

  9. Happy Anniversary!

  10. Wow, 12th aniversary! Congrats, man!

  11. Congrats eugene. I'm happy for ya!

    Dun la so modest. ur a great dad also dude =)

    ANyway, side track abit. Obama won! Go minority!

  12. Kawanku, cinta itu indah dan akan terus berbunga jika ianya sentiasa disemai seperti apa yang anda lakukan.

    Sesungguhnya tiada pasangan yang paling tepat tetapi kitalah yang membentuk hubungan yang tepat itu.

    Selamat menyambut ulang tahun perkahwinan!

  13. I'm getting teary eyed. Congratulations on your anniversary, Eugene. Here's wishing you a happy life ahead with your wife. :-D Happy anniversary. I will be very very happy if my husband wishes me happy anniversary like this!

  14. hey uncle eugene... happy anniversary ... bout the comment u left on my blog ... i dun noe how i am able to tell you ... mayb u could get some info in my new post ... leave a comment there .. erm ... do u have msn ??


  15. heyy, Happy Anniversary!! =D

    you should tell her, about the 'couldn't forget her' part... it'd be so sweet for her =P

    but I guess she'll know now, once she reads ur blog, hehehe

    Twelve years... wow... I hope that for my hubby & I too, not just happy&loving 12 years, but happy&loving forever =)
    this year's our 2nd year, another decade to go before we reach where you two are now... =)

  16. congratulations bro! wishing you and mrs eugene all the best. spread the word out... on november 16, there will be an earthquake in penang! epicenter, eugene's house (specifically) at the master's bedroom! hahahahaha! happy 12th year anniversary bro! keep the fire burning... ciao!