Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Let us be "Obamanised" and make that change

While our politician are still being made to believe that they can trive on the sentiment of race and color to achieve thier political hegemony, from now onwards they will have to think twice for today history has been made. US's white supremacy that has been deeprooted for so many decades has been overturned, and today the world's most powerful man is not of the whites but of the black.

While our politician are still being cocooned in their own mindset that certain governments agencies must be helmed by certain particular race, today is the day they are rudely awakened, for today the world is indeed color blind. (If Ah Moy is really capable of bringing about the good for the people and if Muthu can make Proton the world's most preferred car, then for our nation's sake they should not be denied that chance)

If the world's most powerful nation can be color blind, what more a nation like us should behave? our politician must not be the champion of one particular race, but they must be the champion of the nation.

We must not be demonised to believe that we cant make the chance, we must be Obamanised that we can make that change and "Change we Need"

P/S. Impossible is indeed nothing


  1. Eugene..if u were to stand for PM, u hv my vote...
    now all eyes are looking unto US, Obama.. let our so called "frens over here" learn from the powerful country..

  2. i personally still prefer your post on relationship rather than nationship..politics is nt my interest cz it's just waste of time & u cant be truthful about it.

  3. guess it will take a lot of time for that to happen but it may be possible.... btw, US's history are far more longer than us. So, it actually took them generations after generations for today!

  4. It's hoped Obama makes "the wind of change".

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  6. Well, I do hope that years to come, there will be non-bumis leaders to lead, which I won't think it will happen being in muslim country.

    Congrats on America for voting a hopeful black to lead!

  7. actually ah our Malaysia also nt genuinely ruled by Malay PM mah..Mahathir a bit Indian..Pak Lah a bit Chinese...can that be counted ?