Friday, November 21, 2008

The joy of blogging

Hey guys i am bold-talking again, firstly i really want to thank you guys for your words of encouragements, your concern and your time spent reading the entries from my blog, i never knew the "cyber friends" that i had come in contact with can be so very sweet, i love you guys.

Yes ! you guys were right,i was indeed going through some tough times, (not my family issue though,so my sex life is still intact) My company is shackled with cash flow problem which is quite bad,and it could lead to winding up. I was and am adamant that i would not let the company go under, so meeting after meeting with other 2 partners,which eventually turned out to be positive, we have found the rescue plan, for no apparent reason, i have found my worth in this company as my advice and ideas were gladly accepted in certain manners

I am liberated now and i want thank GOD for his blessing, there is so much man can do,in the end HE holds the key. I am certain that as long as my company does not do the same mistakes once made,we should be all right.

So dont worry guys, i am all right now (tears start streaming down), and once again i want to be as nice and truthful to you as you to me.

P/S, tough times never last but tough people do


  1. thats right bro! remember the chinese proverb from chrisau: "the good is not necessarily good and the bad is not necessarily bad". alls well that ends well. ciao!

  2. I'm getting teary eyed... how true, sometimes, online friends can give a lot of comfort.....*hugs*

    I love you too, a friendly way...(in case my husband saw my saying I love you to other guys lmao)

  3. wish you the best.
    just keep doing what you're good at, and focus. ;)

  4. good time will always come after the bad one :)

  5. surely, when the going gets tough, only the tough gets going.

  6. wow.... i feel honour to see someone quoted my comments..haha..
    Eugene: Stay positive! Things are not really that bad as it seems to's all in your mind! With a positive mindset, even cancer patients healed!

  7. I'm glad things are working out for you! Just remember that things are always not as bad as they seemed - silver lining, dark clouds and all that, remember? Take care!