Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bold talk on what sadness is.............

Sadness is when you think you deserve more,but you just wont get it
Sadness is when you know you are not that smart,but you just dont realize it

Sadness is when time to let go, you still hold it so tightly
Sadness is when times are good, you overlook the impending calamity

Sadness is when you keep talking,and you leave no room for listening
Sadness is when you want to listen, you can only hear your own echoing

Sadness is when you think everybody owes you an apology
Sadness is when you still think why all goodness never comes to "ME"

Sadness is when you have abundance,you cant keep a little
Sadness is when you are broke, no one else seems to bother

Sadness is when you think other miss is better than your wife
Sadness is when your wife is gone, you just cant have your life rewind

Sadness is when you think you are strong,when you are not
Sadness is when sickness hit you, all efforts shall come to a naught

Sadness is when your children need you, you tell them you need to entertain
Sadness is when you need them,they would remind you what you did, that's for certain

Today i shall commission this day as (BYE BYE SADNESS DAY)

P/S Please share with me what can make you sad,and let me still learn from thee.


  1. Bro, you seem sentimental of late, how come?

  2. yes indeed i am feeling sentimental of late, will share with you guys why,,,, you guys are my best listeners and confidante

  3. Sadness is when you think you are always right and everybody else is wrong all the time....

  4. I won't let myself feel sad :)))
    Eugene, like what the others said, you still have to live your life no matter happy or sad. Why not choose happy living? I know it might sound easy saying but try to do it alright? We want you to be happy!

  5. yeah ... agree ... knoding my head till its about to drop off .... i so hope some one that i love learn this ... n come out from the sad!!!yeah ...

  6. sadness is when i realize that my friends are getting married one by one but i'm still all alone, haih

  7. sadness is when i see little kids suffers or being abuse!

  8. Sadness was when my shoe koyak when i was on the treadmill! :P

  9. yeah bro, i agree with bloggerooi, something bothering you? i can sense it in your writings... anyway, what makes me doubly sad is to see my friends and confidants sad, gloomy and miserable. maybe thats how we are as men or as heads of the family, if you wanna call it at that, we tend to mask our sadness, disappointments and frustrations in life. we look happy on the outside but on the inside, we just want to shout and cry our hearts out. nevertheless, i pray thats alls well with you and your family. be happy bro or at least try to be one. ciao!