Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bold talk on what happiness is..........

Happiness is i know times are getting bad but i have some spare cash.
Happiness is i know i will be sick, but my body will not be weak.

Happiness is i know somone hates me but there are those who love me
Happiness is i know i have a life but in the end i still have to die

Happiness is i know the more i worry,the more i cant be free
Happiness is i know talk is cheap, that's why let the actions speak

Happiness is i know my family is important to me, the best i will let it be
Happiness is i know there is God above to look after me.

Today i shall commission this day a Happy Day for you and me.

P/S: Please share your thoughts with me what makes you happy and let me learn from thee


  1. Happiness is .. we have a job, we have food..happiness is our love ones are happy and healthy too...
    happiness is when we die, we know we are just starting to live.. eternity with God...

  2. Happiness is when you are free from sadness, disturbence, anger, depression, empty pocket, hunger, emotional spouse or family member, what else? When you have peace of mind.

  3. Happiness is no matter you cry or laugh, there is somebody beside you. You r just not alone! :D

  4. ess is when u r unhappy..something cheers u up & be happy again just like what ur post did to me. I was actually very dwn when i gt back from wrk this evening ..then I read ur blog.


  5. well, heard a chinese proverb which is something like this - the good is not necessarily good and the bad is not necessarily bad.
    So, it's how you think that determine your happiness.
    Another definition of happiness is release endorphins into your body ...yup, do exercises daily and you feel good each day!~

  6. Wish you a happy day too! Cheers!

  7. Happiness is when you realize that life is beautiful if you want it to be.

  8. hi bro. buzzing around here today to read your posts... nice post about happiness. for me happiness is all about peace in your heart and peace in your mind. it is only when we are at peace with ourselves that we'd be able to show the world that "happy" look in our being. and our whole persona glows when we are in that state. thanks bro for this post. ciao!