Monday, November 17, 2008

Sex is a many splendid thing

Guess we dont sing to this tune anymore, "love is a many splendid thing", instead we should be singing "sex is a many splendid thing", seriously we got to charge forward in tandem with the change of times, but i must admit i am outdated as far as sex is a many splendid thing is concerned.

I was MSNing with a very good lady friend of mine, someone so dear that i have known about 10 years, she is like another Miss Prudie or Miss Thelma to me,and i am like another Dr Phil to her. We could talk about anything and everything under the sun or the moon, and sex is no exception. (she has agreed to let me share her take on this content of this post with anonymity)

She is currently having a long distant relationship with someone from Amsterdam,they knew each other through the internet, so friendship bloomed and they are an item now. Initially,there were a lot of uncertainties in the relationship,somehow they managed to brace the storm,and the guy is coming to see her next January.

She MSNed me today to wish me a belated wedding annivesary after having read my blog's entry,So we were on the subject of relationship and all, suddenly she commented that it was good that i had a healthy sex life( she knows it, we share things), i said thank you, then i asked her how did she cope with her sexual crave, having a boyfriend but yet so far. She told me that, she and her boyfriend did have sex, i was like how on earth did you do it?

I was so curious to know further,i probed and i probed,she hesitated but given the bond that we built after all these years,she finally conceded to my request They engage in what they call a "phone sex"

What is a phone sex,how do we carry out the act and will the satisfaction derived as sensational as the real act?One by one,she shared with me her rendevouz, i was indeed amazed. She concluded that it was indeed like a real one and she even coaxed me to do it with my wife, i gladly declined, i told her i would prefer whips, feathers and cuffs.(hahahaha)

I dont know if phone sex can be considered abnormal preoccupation or attachement, but sex itself can really drive man to do crazy things, and indeed man can explore new realms in sexual fantasy. We have bondage,fetish and whatever not, we must be responsible to ourselves and our partner in carrying out the exploration.

P/S: Sex can be magical and at the same time destructible. To you my friend JM,enjoy


  1. dats sounds like cyber-sex, with the voice. :)

  2. long-dist relationship is diff to maintain! the sexual crave makes people cheat.

    missing the other person also paves the way for uncertainties..

    good luck to JM! :)

  3. JM, you go girl! I understand your predicament. Afterall, having some sort of sex is better than not having at all, despite all the craving.

  4. wow! u actually have such a good girl friend talking about sex with you!....:D

  5. =.= aiyorrrrhhh Sex again... lol... my favorite topic... :-P

    Once a week, can keep the heart attack away.... mwahahahahaha.