Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Happy Marriage

What consitutes to a happy marriage, really i dont know because i am not Dr Phil, but one thing i do know better and more than Dr Phil is i am having a happy marriage, that's so much i know. And i am not here to dispense my advice, but i am here only to share my thoughts about what a happy marriage must be according to my own yardsticks.

Her nuisance, yes i am talking about my wife's nuisance(s), she loves to sweep the floor when i am watching TV, she tends not to agree with me as far as household conservation of water, electritiy is concerned, (for example, she would machine wash the clothes even when there are only a few dirty clothes and worst still she engages full cycle washing, that's always makes me mad) trust me sometimes i really get real mad at her for her actions, but my love for her is stronger for me not to get mad at her any longer, simply because i love her, and because she loves me too to accomodate my flaws too.

I started running about 10 years ago, eventually my wife got hooked and she is into running too, and this hobby of ours really makes us happy, we would talk about running, and looking forward to our weekend runs, and how after run, we would take bath in the park and go for our breadfast hand in hand and enjoy some brief marketing, to me, this is heaven.

I was once mildly sexually deprived, when our children were a little younger, because my wife would have to work,come back and look after the children, when i wanted to have sex, she was already too tired, but because i love her, and with some understanding, this has never been a major issue. That's why we make up the lost pleasures now by having great sex now,(please dont laugh, it is true,,hahaha)

We share common interests, both of us love to drink (not the compulsive one though), we would long for friday evening, when both of us can enjoy a few drinks with a few good friends and that's what the both of us happy, and the next day, we head for our run.

And the most important off all, i have two wonderful children there to cheer us, to laugh with us, and to have fun with us, that makes us happy too.

We are middle class as far as financial is concerned, we dont have major debts, except a condo to pay,(and it is finishing soon), we know that debts can ruin a family, and we are aware of this, we are opened about our finance, my wife can trust me for money and vice versa. We make sure at the end of the month, we must have an X amout to be put in saving.

We love to be fashionable, but we are not into high end brands, we want to dress well in order to feel great, and we try to keep ourselves healthy and having good body(we dont like to make love with some one whose belly is as big as a mountain, or we cant tell the difference from the size of her belly and the breasts.do we? hahahaha) because we love each other. So far we only have one RM3000, Rado and one RM700 Furla handbag for my wife, the two most expensive items to call fashion of our own.

And i am a happy man because my wife is not a perfect wife, and neither am i a perfect husband, so there leaves so much room for us to improve, and that what makes us happy.

P/S. Marriages are indeed made in heaven, but the problem is , we are on earth (my quote)


  1. U re really witty, romantic & truthful!
    U deserve your happy marriage ..enjoy it!

  2. Hi eugene,

    I believe not many husband think and do as what u did. At least u r and your wife is very fortunte!

    At least my husband dont think that there is a need for saving, thats why most of the time I m think(or hv thoughts) of having "GAME-OVER". Because it is just too tiring!

    Thoughts only....may be who knows one day i will just walk out!....hahahah

  3. "...she would machine wash the clothes even when there are only a few dirty clothes..."

    My hubby get's irritated at me on the same thing too! Why ahh?? =P

    Anyway, I think it's a really sweet & romantic post =D

  4. tat's great.
    happy to know tat there're still many successful marriages out there.

  5. Dear all,

    When Eugene is free for TV that is my free time to sweet the floor..I cannot just ignore the place he sits cos his dropping long hair.....Alamak

    I know in term of ecomical way, it is no good to wash few clothes. But he did not see I purposely put in our big /thick 4 towels (which I did not hang it at drying area and he did not see it) to maximize the washing machine's usage. haha!

    Anyhow, we have many funny arguement during those household issue....It is fun.

    Lastly, he is a good husband who shares lots of my houseworks + taking care of boys.

    Thankyou Lou Kong

    from Phobee

  6. aiyoh yoh..these couple ah (eugene & phobee) are are really made on earth for each other. LOL! LOL!

  7. yeah.. so nice and happy to read the happily ever afterssss...esp nowadays hearing so many unfortunate cases of unhappy marriages and divorces...it is blessed to read there r many couples sharing the journey of marriage .. funnily and happily ..

  8. hmm....it seems almost everyone i know blogs about this. good for you bro. you have my 110% support.

  9. Hi Eugene. Great to hear that you have a happy marriage. Not easy to make it work but with efforts and plenty of love, it can be done. I have a great one too. A happy marriage is not necessary and in most circumstances NOT a perfect marriage, but a marriage that works for both. And great to hear that you have great sex bro..keep it UP!! hehe..

  10. so happy that you are with someone you love so much and have so much fun with everyday.

    it's not easy to first find the right person, then to find the courage to trust yourself and jump into marriage and even more difficult to make it a happy one.

    i myself don't really know if i was meant to ever trust myself/my partner and the unkown enough to marry anyone at all.

  11. great to hear that you are enyoing your marriage and cherish every moment of it!!

  12. preserving a happy marriage is not an easy task. glad you both did it :)

  13. Eugene, am a single mom.

  14. bless you bro that you have a happy marriage... mine is not, but is blessed nevertheless because of the three loves of my life, my children! they are just about the only reason i have not gone and left a long time ago. just one of the sad parts of my life. anyway, what more can i say? just keep the fire burning between you and mrs eugene. wishing you two all the best that life can offer. ciao!

  15. If only alot of husbands out there are like you, then womenfolk everywhere would be more happy. :-d

  16. aiyo eugene..ur post caused so much of the opposite of fairy tale happily ever after confessions.

    i feel sorry for those who have the not so happy marriage. pray n hope things are well for you all. i believe somthing can be done if v just scrap our ego aside but nt easy..

    kids r indeed the bridge to many marriage relationships....just to sad when one just have no more reason to live life for their spouse but for the sake of children. Where have all the beautiful moments gone before the existence of the kids?