Monday, November 03, 2008

From a father to a son.....

I am dedicating this post to my eldest son Jovial Ung Ee and a truly "Happy Birthday" to you (3rd of November)

You know son, the greatest joy of being your dad is that i know that you love me dearly, and everytime when these three words come out from you,it just warms me up, and i know you really mean it.

You have thought me to be a dad, and you even have thought me to be a nicer man, you challenged me to look at my flaws and my wrongs, you dared to tell me what i did wrong in your childish ways, and i appreciate it.

Well there were times you made me real mad, but then again there were times i made you as mad too, so i guess we are squared off for this , i love arguing with you for i know i want you learn to make your stand. You dont have to agree with me everything that i say, but you must agree with me that everything i say is out of my love for you.

One day son, you are going to be a handsome guy, but remember you must be the handsome guy with a good heart, and not a cheating heart, and remember papa is always here for you, there is no question there's too hard for you to ask me, and there's no answer there's too difficult for me to tell you.

Now son, this is my time to shout out to you and holler loud and clear " I love you, son" and "happy birthday to you"

When you were small, i cuddled you
When you're a little older, i treasured you
When you're all grown up, i appreciate you.

P/S, you made me sad, you made me mad, but most of all you made me glad, i love you son


  1. send my happy birthday wishes to your son. cheers....

  2. Haha! So touching a post! My dad will never say that! :/

    Happy Birthday to your son too! :)

  3. oh and hey! I enjoyed talking to you too!! I promise I make a trip up to see you k!


  5. Happy birthday to your son. May this young kid grows up a handsome guy with abundance love and kindness.

  6. Thank you guys for your birthday wishes for my son, and thank you for bringing joy and smiles to him on this beautiful and meaningful of his,,

    appreciate it really,, sob sob

  7. dear Son,

    I love u and happy birthday. And I am always proud of you.

    from Mum

  8. Dear Jovial

    happy Birthday and may all your wishes come true. Hope you will grow up to be a person of principles - the world today is no longer the same - so much prejudices , injustice and intolerance amongst us humankind here. Have a great birthday.

    Lee Hong

  9. Jovial, happy bday today! May you grow full of love and strength like your dad. God bless! Aunty Jessie

  10. Happy Birthday Jovial.

    Adrian Ming

  11. Jovial, a very happy birthday to you! You are so lucky to have such a loving father.

  12. Happy Birthday Jovial...

    God bless you...u really have a hot papa laa ahahah

    Happy wonderful Birthday...may u grow up like ur papa (gud one only haa)

    ;) cheers

  13. Happy Birthday cutie Jovial. He shares the birthday as Jen :)

  14. Eugene, Please send my BIRTHDAY wishes to your SON, Jovial. Belief, i met your son couple of times when we bum into each other. Glad to see you in the loop with the rest of runners. Hope to run with you again in future, group runs.

  15. May u have a Jovial birthday. U r lucky to hav a great daddy n vice versa.

    BTW Eugene that B&W photo nt you hoh?

  16. aiyo bro....dont emo lar. you make me wanna cry too.... :P bro, give me your email add. next time im in kl, i'll drop you a mail. then we can go mabukking....

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    Happy Birthday to Jovial!

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  18. Happy Birthday to my dearest Jo...

    And look forward to see you on December...

    From Love, yiyi...

  19. Hi Eugene. Happy Birthday to your son. Nice emo post.....very touched lorr! thks for dropping by in my blog. Feel free to link up with me. I am adding your url to my Google reader. Cheers!

  20. Happy Birthday, Jovial!

    You're much blessed, because you have a daddy & mummy who loves you very much =D

  21. A very touching post, Eugene. Sensing full of love.
    Happy Birthday to your son.