Saturday, November 01, 2008

It is about great sex....lah

So they say i look youthful for my age, or rather my look belies my age, or i dont look 42, and all those comments about me not looking my age. They asked if i got botox-ed or not, or any secret keeping youth remedies that i applied. I'd always simply tell them, i only do two things to maintain my youth(only if you agree that i dont look my age, mind you), is that i have great sex and i exercise regurlary.

Ok, i am not here to promote promiscuity or hodgepodge kind of sexual activities, it is about satisfying sexual relationship with your spouse, the intimacy and the intertwining of 2 biological beings becoming as one, the intentsity, the romance, the trust, the love, the caress, and the affirmation that you are being loved, it is so wonderful.

I dont have to tell you about the benefits one can derive from having great sex, you can google search it. A lot of my friends, be it female and male , they always lament that as they advance in their marriage, the sex is getting less and less exciting, must it be that way, i reckon?

I am sure many would agree that, our daily pressures and stress of our daily lives has in one way or another strain our sexual life,but we must not let it ruin it, we must find time out from our hectic life to cater a time where both can relax, enjoy the intimacy, to rekindle the sparks, to stoke the fire, to get a little wild and to savour the joy of sensation and the closeness.

By the way, a quote from Jen's heaven "beer is the living proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy", so get chilled , toast , and binge a bit, it will do no harm, trust me

P/S, add a little humour in your sex life, and everything else shall be fine.


  1. I agree 100% with your thghts about S_X. And to add humour...whipped cream. Sorry thght this is supposed to be a BOLD talk blog rite?
    Be happy is short.

  2. yeah right! there's a whole lot of ways one can enjoy the benefits of great sex but for one to truly enjoy "it" with your spouse, all elements must be present and in place. if one is missing then it becomes all to mechanical and one more thing, sex is not a one way street... know what i mean? anyway, dropped by here today bro. to read your posts. have a nice weekend ahead. ciao!

  3. i getting kinda horny

  4. Hmm..from the medical point of view, being younger than actual age is because of the help of sex hormone. Does having good sex promote secretion of more sex hormone? I don't know. ;)

  5. Yes, I agree with you that a great sex life will keep people's spirit up... ahaha... good for the heart, no? :-D

    Not only add humour, toss food in your sex life too. Chocolate sauce, strawberries, and be VERy creative. LMAO.

    Calvin, did you hear me? Creative, you know? LOL.

  6. things with love....
    it will go long

  7. i exercise a lot but how come i still look older than my age? *sob sob*

  8. Does phone sex counts? Hey, can't help it, my bf is in overseas. LOL.

  9. i guess u're right larr...i've read somewhere stating that great sex helps u look younger than u should... have a great sex life, you have to have a great brain...

    - For women, enjoyment of sex is associated with greater longevity.

    - For men, more frequent sex helps them to live longer and healthier lives. When men have sex three or more times a week, they reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke by half.

    no wonder u look so young and energetic haa eugene...

  10. Hi bro. Reading your post and the comments, I guess I better spiced up my sex life to avoid a heart attack soon...hehe