Sunday, October 05, 2008

You Cant Hurry Love

Went to an very old friend's wedding reception last night,(have know the groom since 7 years old), it has been many years, we have been asking him when his wedding day would be, so last night it finally came.

Usually i dont fancy going to wedding dinners, cant stand the delays, and the ways the foods being served, it is like superfast. But last night dinner was different, i must be there to congratulate a friend that i have known for 35 years or rather since primarily 1, and was also like a side-line reunion for Class 74.

To my old old friend, Chean Seong, congratulation you finally got hitched, and to the other side of yours, keep that wedding vow.

A wedding vow is made, and till death do us part.................

A typical Chinese wedding dinner will not be complete, without the cheers after cheers of "Yam Seng" which simply means drink to all success. (my old friends of 35 years giving the toasts to the newly wed)

i was very happy to see my old classmates of class 74, and was even happier to see most of them doing good in their respective paths

At last i finally had the chance to wish my old friend, happily ever-after.

P/S : Good things shall come to those who wait, well done my friend...


  1. hey eugene..u look happier than the groom in the picture.. haha..

  2. haha eugene is very happy for his friend :)

  3. haha, yeah eugene, u look so happy in the last pic =P

    weddings, i loveeeee weddings =D

    the bride looks so beautiful =)