Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cest la vie,,, that's life

We dont really think of bad days, when we are basking in good days, or we dont believe calamity will strike us because we think it will only strike the guy next door . do we not think so ? But sometimes life is cruel, when its cruelty besieges us, we are left battered.

A good friend of mine(known him since 7 years old, and we are both 43 years old now) just lost his job recently, trying very hard to look for other jobs, most often than not, it is all to no avail. He has got four mouths to feed, and the wife's income is not able to keep the family afloat for 3 months.

As good friends, came out and have a drink with him, like what a good friend should do, he was lamenting to me, how difficult it is for him to find a job, firstly due to his age, secondly because of his non-proffesional background, and lastly the quanterm of salary he asked for, he said to him, litterally no takers for him.

As we continue binging, i asked him, how long could he survive without having income coming in, shockingly he told me, he told me, he could only last for 2 months, i was dumbfounded, he continued disclosing to me, that he has got a credit card debts amounting to RM 13,oooo, and a car installment of RM 1,200 monthly, only now i could feel his desperation.

When i asked him, how did he incure so much credit cards debts(to me a credit card debt of even RM 1,000 , i could consider it to be monsterious already, how critical it can be when it hits RM10,ooo), he simply put it like this " life was good then, and i thought i could manage it" as he revealed further, i got a bigger shocker from him, that he is keeping a mistress, that's why his budget is blown out of control.

Time is ticking away fast for him, if he still cannot find job or a inflow of income, his family will be at stake, simply because he will have to ask his wife for help, mainly to pay the credit cards debts, by then his wife will go hysterical in finding out that the amout is so much, and there will be a non stop arguements or even a walk out from his wife.

I sincerely hope that my friend will get a job the soonest, and from this, he will learn his lessons well, that "not everyday is Sunday" and it will lot better to put the family priority above all else.

P/S. Just like Adam Bowell once said "Be Prepared"


  1. wow... shocking... very sad to hear about your friend. Hope he grows wiser from this.

  2. yeah life is tough when yo face financial problems especially during these times. Anyway, Taylor Swift is also the one who sang teardrops on my guitar.

  3. yes, i too have a fren who is in difficult position too after having 'accumlating' credit over the months. They feel as long as they have their monthly income, they will be able to settle the outstanding amount..

  4. Our family's futures is important and we should not gambling to this.

  5. yes, i agreed even RM 1,000 is huge!

  6. hope your friend will land on a job a.s.a.p. and your post is a good enough to remind me that i should start saving for the rainy days. just saw something i really like, but guess i'm not going for it now. thanks for sharing ;)

  7. Your post made me instantly check my cc bills man lol. so good thing i was away for few weeks, bill this month only a few 100!ahaahaa...

  8. hope your friend will get any job that will 'ciam si tong' him for the moment. it's already crisis time. cannot wait two months.