Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sex to the Max

One day i was jokingly telling my wife, since i am a blogger,( a novice one to be exact), and one important thing that you can do to become famous is to have strong traffic to your blog, so again jokingly i suggested to my wife, in order to achieve that dream in the shortest of time, i must strip it all, and have some shots of me in the nude, and striking some horny, sensual, seductive, sexy and come and get me look shots to be put up in the blog( i know what you are thinking, ya right, uncle like you with the body like that, ok sorry for making you pew), then accidentally someone stumbles upon my blog, had a good laugh at this (dirty old man), begin to spread it, and by the time i know it, voila, i am a famous dirty old man blogger. OK, give me 3 years to get my body toned and sculptured to resemble Aaron Kwok's ( my favourite ) then i shall live my dream. (please ignore me for now)

All right, forget about all the crap i mentioned above. Just yersteday i received a email from a friend, i opened the mail up, there were probably 10 pictures in it, i remembered the first or the second ones, only showing 2 beautiful well dressed girls with a handsome boy taken from a pub, as i scrolled down, the pictures got more errotic, suddenly these 2 innocent girls have turned to somekind of a Playboy or Penthouse cover girls, their "ACTS" are more daring and provocative, i might say, may be they were only fooling amongs themselves ( but playing thresssome is way too much for teenagers, dont you agree?) you take my pictures, i take yours, you filmed my sex acts, i recorded yours, and it was supposed to be for the pleasures of these 3 teen, but i dont know how the pictures got uploaded in the net, now it seems they have had their sex to the max.

It was also rumoured that these two girls were from certain art uninversity in the capital city, and they even published their names with the pictures. If this is all true, what would the girls do, would they act as if nothing has happened, life goes on, or would they go into hiding to escape from this malaise of their own doing.

Seriously, when i looked all these pictures, i asked myself what is the standard of morality among our teen at the present time, what we think is immoral, the teen might think otherwise, what we regard as unacceptable, they might think it is absolutely all right.

I guess we dont have to blame the teens for their rebellious acts, for being rebellious is a second nature for almost every teen, but as parents it is so different now. I remember my Swiss friend once told me, parents there they do not tell their children that they cant have sex, but to tell them to have safe and responsible sex.

Well, i guess i have to start learning now, keep abreast with the latest dos or donts from the teen, but i believe as long as my boys see the love between their parents, they will know what true love is

P/S. As parents we have to stay steadfastly right, to earn the right to tell our children what is wrong


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  2. It is quite sad to see some blogs, written by teenagers and youngsters that highlight on sex and dirty talk just to get more traffic flow.

  3. what do you mean to earn the right?
    parents do have the right!

  4. mmm...don't also forget to say "I Luv U" to your friends...especially your bestfriends...

    before it's too late...

    apa2 pun...I luv all of my friends, virtually ke...tak ke...semua sama :)

  5. tak kisah laa...add laa

    tapi blog saya biasa je...takde apa2 yg boombastic

  6. ok...with a blog entry like that i'm SURE u could easily attract high numbers of visitors including accidental ones! lol

    There is no way we can stop information and soon our little child will be exposed to inappropriate stuff at inappropriate stage of live. I think it's no more, "I'm gonna curb them from all vices and control my child from exposures". It's now the "I'm gonna teach them how to evaluate those bad stuff and make better choices" approach.

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