Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mama Mia, it is so good

I cant believe myself that i could fall in love with a movie, never had so good as i had it with Mama Mia the Movie, my god the show really moved me and all the ABBA songs in it, man i tell you, it is simply fabulous and superb.

To me , the shows is not just about musical and dance, it has so much sweetness in it, i was specially amazed by the performance of Meryl Streep, she really brings the character of Donna to life, i mean look at her, at the age of 59, her acting in this movie transforms the aura of the character in its full capacity, i was overhelmed at the this particular scene when she sings "the winner takes it all" along side Pierce Brosnan, the ways she moves and sings, i was captivated and my eyes were moistured with tears.

I truly enjoyed the bond between the characters of Donna and Sophie, a mother and a daughter,and if you could excuse me for bringing out this line from the movie said by daughter Sophie, " i dont care if you had slept with hundreds of man, i still love you" dont you think that this line is so wonderful, the power of the words I Love You, and this reminds me of one event that took place the night before i watched this movie.

As i was having dinner with some new found friends, and my wife (for sure) and so happened one friend of mine brought along his daughter and son to the occasion, first time seeing the daugther i was impressed with her attitude for a 20 years old at and one point we were at the subject of saying"i love you" and i asked her does she have problem of saying "i love you" to her parents, without hesitation she said not at all, but as she elaborated, it is only the parent that is having problem of saying " i love you " to the children, coming from the teens, i know what she said was so true.

Hugs and kisses and uttering the words of " i love you" can be so magical and wonderful in our lives and the lives of others, and sometimes it can also be the antidote for healing our grievances and our sorrows, so lets start by giving hugs and saying the words " i love you" to our loved ones.

P/S, Life can be so wonderful, if you could hear our loved ones telling us how much they love us


  1. i loveeee the movie. i almost sang the songs along when i was watching it in the cinema, haha..

  2. Hey, Eugene, do u hv d dvd? Can I borrow it from you? Tks.

  3. i was right, Eugene? the show was really fabulous.. for our age , i guess...haha...yes, i love all the songs actually and i bought the cd already..

  4. Really good? Maybe I'll watch it. I used to liten to ABBA when I was a little girl. My father have a collection of ABBA.

  5. and did you know that the scene "the winner takes it all" took only one take? Meryl is the girl! I've loved her since I saw Kramer vs. Kramer.

  6. so nice! if my daughters will say "I love you" when they are 20....


  7. Ya man. the winner takes it all really gave me the goosebumps.

    But didn't u notice that pierce brosnan was just standing there acting all dramatic? that was funny la.

    I haven't said 'i love u' to my parents for the past 20 years man. I must have been born from an egg. or a stone.haha..

  8. tak pernah tengok pun movie tu...but have heard about it.

    Ya laa…u’re right. Parents susah nak cakap “I love u” kat anak2…especially the old parents laa…maybe ego kot. Takut jatuh ego/maruah depan anak2…

    Tapi skrang dah berbeza…parents nowadays always say “I luv u” kat anak2…macam kita :D

  9. yea i love this show too!!
    In fact I'm going to watch it again! :D

    Mamma mia here we I go again!

  10. what a coincidence...I was just wishing to read a post on this to see if any other homosapiens share smae thghts & opinion as mine..there I happen to see your post. It is really MAMA MIA..can u imagine we (me, my hubby & 4 kids)watched this shw frm home CD during family time 4X oredi. So touching, so witty, so romantic, so Human, so...just loving it!
    I love Pierce Brosnan's husky when he sings (but i think he actually cant sing..but still i like the way he did the duet with Donna)