Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Ex, My Wife, My Children and My Birthday

A SMS message appeared on my mobile yesterday. " I am in KL, will be in Penang this weekend, care to meet up, Sharon" at a glance, i was confused who this girl was, KL, Penang, meet up , this weekend, Sharon. When i finally came to my senses, it was my ex girlfriend who just came back from Amsterdam, excitedly i pressed my handphone keypad and these words manifested" ok my dear"

In the evening, another SMS message came "u r having bday this weekend right 26th, " so i was thinking, i was happy for the thought she had for me, man my ex could still remember my birthday, what a privilledge. Just when i was about to tell my wife about the news, another massage came "dinner on me", cheekily i told my wife, that this weekend i would be celebrating my birthday with someone special that's my ex, she went like "ha, ok"Anyway, my wife knows my ex, they have met, but to take care of my wife's feeling, i told her no matter what i would bring her and my boys with my ex this weekend to celebrate my birthday.

She was my ex like 20 years ago, we were young adults then, but i am glad, we could still maintain this kind of platonic friendship, i am happy for her that she is happily married with good career, and she is happy for me that i am happily married withe two boys too.

I guess in life, sometimes it is good to walk down memory lane once a while and feel the moments you once enjoyed with that somebody, the feeling of nostalgia, and the memories, doestn matter if it is sweet or bitter, then we have to come out to reality, and acknowledge that those are the bygones, no points dwelling in it.

So, this weekend (26th of october to be exact), i will be the luckiest man becase i will be celebrating my birthday with the one that i once loved and the other one that i love from now till eternity.

P/S. My ex was great, my wife is the greatest


  1. wah..eugene, i guess many men want to "cekik" you envious.. left right also got lady to accompany u and 2 young flower boys.. haha.. joking only ah..
    well, in case i m not around..

    p/s i might be in pg this weekend..but i think 3's a company.. :)

  2. she'd better be the greatest or else!!! hahaha. dropped by today bro. sorry, wasn't able to update my posts. i've been literally nailed to the kitchen these days. i fired my cook about two weeks ago. and since i am still on the lookout for a replacement, i'm the one cooking now for my two canteens. anyway, birthday is coming up. well, i just wish u all the best bro. may the good LORD bless you with HIS choicest blessings, good health, a happy and peaceful home, a more loving and dedicated wife, two loving and obedient boys and a progressive business in the years to come. oh! and one more thing... more dinner with sharon??!? hahaha, JOKE ONLY. advance happy birthday bro! ciao!

  3. Have a nice birthday. By the way, I don't feel like meeting my ex. Maybe there were too many bad memories back then

  4. amboi...suke nyer dia...

    :) Happy Birthday in advance. Just dinner haa bro...not more than that ;)

    make sure ur wife is the greatest till eternity...if not, habis laa ko eheheh

    peace :)

  5. Wah Eugene, your wife damn cool for letting you keep in touch with your ex and even meet her. Kudos to your wifey coz I know I wouldn't allow that, sure cekik my husband's neck, hehe.

  6. our birthdays are 4 days apart! :) I am on the 30th!

    the P.s. you wrote to cover your *ahem* ass one right!! HAhAHA

  7. Good for u man, it's not often that someone leaves their ex with happy memories. Have a good birthday and please not to reminisce to much in front of your greatest love! (nanti ada yang lebam di muka pula) kidding. ;)

  8. i tabik ur wife for being so understanding, if me rite, damn jeles gila di... wahahaha!

  9. I will be no different from other wives. Cekik mati my husband before I let him loose at his bitchy ex!

    Anyway, Happy birthday in advance, Eugene. Have fun. :-D

  10. wow, salute ur wife... she's really got a big heart leh... if it's me ah, will probably cekik my husband, hahahha

  11. nothing wrong with Ex...right? all my ex are still my friends and we still keep in touch. One of them are still closely in touch with me n my hubby n kids. Bygones be bygones..cant be married couple doesnt mena cant be frens mah , hoh? bravo bro!

  12. bTW happy 5 days belated birthday! Enjoy your philosophy happy always!