Sunday, October 26, 2008

The kin and I

Today the 26th of october is my birthday, and my emo is of the mixture of happiness, skimmed with a layer of disappointment. I have always harboured a birthday's wish which is very simple and yet never seems to be materialized. So what am i wishing for ? Just a simple call, sms to say "Happy Birthday Brother" from my siblings, but none of them has ever done that for me..

I will not forget my siblings' birthdays and i will not forget to wish them too, but why am i not showed the same kind of appreciation and love i have for them, to be frank i am dissappointed. Just yesterday before i could even ride on the joy of celebrating my birthday today, my wife showed me a SMS on her phone, from my eldest sister (the one getting divorced), the content of the SMS has the deliberate intention of stoking disharmony between me and my wife, using words that are hurtful and derogatory, suddenly i felt as if i was losing a dear sister of mine, and i was confused why was she doing it to me, i know the reason why she hold grudges against me, simply because i called her boyfriend a mother fucker and an adulterer, and i told her i would never respect any man that cheat on someone's wife.

But despite all this groan and moan, i know i have my wife and two wonderful boys to make up for the disappointment i have in my siblings, my two boys gave me two self-made birthday cards
with words written that can make me smile.

P/S, the precious love you can have is the love of your family


  1. Happy birthday, friend. Blood is thicker than water,but family ties can sometime become strain as nobody is perfect, our brothers, sisters or ourself. Just have to bear with it sometime.

  2. happy birthday ... bit late.. but wishes is never late .. b happie always!!! smile!!!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday bro...sorry a bit late...take care, From Mel, Nancy & Matthew

  4. happy birthday again bro! all these things that are happening to you happens for a reason... in time, all will be revealed to you as to what, how and why are they like that. pray for them (your siblings). like the old saying, family is family, all these will come to pass eventually. smile:) all the best man!

  5. hi eugene, happy belated birthday =)

  6. Happy Belated Birthday :) may joy and happiness be with you always...

    I guess that "Desperate Housewife" is ur sister laa (comment in "Marriage, Sex, Money and Divorce....")...

    haiyaa...takpe laa, u still have us the readers :)

    stay sweet...

  7. oops, sorry i missed out reading this post... happy belated birthday to u =)