Friday, October 24, 2008

Sex, economy and older men

OK, my defination of older man is someone who is above 40 years old, married for at least 10 years now, and for sex it is only meant for monogamous sexual relationship, nothing more and nothing less.

Over a cuppa with some older male friends yesterday, one friend lamented that he was going to lose his job soon, the other old friend was saying his business has been dwindling quite singnificantly, as far as i was concerned, i said to them so was mine, it was all about bad economy and bad market situation. With all the sights and moans,me always being the "crazy guy" among friends, i hollered at them "hey guys, let's talk something everybody enjoys talking about, let's talk about sex.ok?" to my suprise, there was no sign of excitement in the air as it used to be, as opposed to last time, whenever the subject of sex was mentioned, there sure to be hoo and ha, everybody would act like sex expert, but not this time, it was just so different.

I was asking them, what was wrong with them, nothing seems to interest them anymore, not even sex. Then out of no way one of them said " the economy just killed my libido", and the guy who was about the lose his job, opened up and admitted that he had not have sex with his wife since the news of his impending laying off delivered to him about 3 weeks ago, he said he was busy looking for job then having sex.

I never knew that economy could have so close correlation with sex, but talking to my friends, and i believe it is so real. When economy is going down, you just cant get "IT" up, and when you have tonnes of problems hounding your head, you just cant relax.

As usual, there was no escape, my friends just wouldnt want to let me off the hook, they threw the question back to me " so bro, how is your sex life?, tell us the truth", i said to them frankly, it has always been great and satisfying, their jaws dropped as if i was pretending, but i assured them, it was true.

P/S, forget about the economy for a while, let' s get intimate, from there shall come the joy


  1. wah bro you really can be sex expert or sex therapist haha

    cheering your friend by talking about sex nice move :)

  2. When there is nothing in the pocket, no even sex can spice you up. KLCI just dropped about 30 over points today, I think even we want to have sex, our little brother may have shrunk too much to do a good job, too bad.

  3. tell your buddies to try doing it in spice things up abit...:P

  4. Heylo eugene. greetings from shanghai!i'm here 2 extend ur blog coverage2china muahahaha.

    will try2update asap here..wish u back a good day at work dude! =)

  5. LOL, how true, Eugene. When there are concern about money and family finance, sex and passion immediately takes Airasia and fly elsewhere. Who would have mood for a wild time on the bed when all one can think is trying to earn more to make ends meet?