Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How's that for a House Dad ?

"Ok, let me state my clause of disclaimer here, the content of this particular post by the author has in no way trying to influence you and your belief of chauvinism of both sexes and your fundamental ideas of chauvinsim of both sexes, if you are hard core male or female chauvinis, please stop right here."

We must all agree that time has changed, and it will continue to do so, no matter what. Ideas, perception, shcools of thoughts and beliefs, have been changed in one way or the other in tandem with the change of times, women are no longer considered lesser or weaker of the kind, women have made history in areas of politic, sports, social, and areas where we once thought that women are a taboo. In a recent survey carried out by a Swiss consultans company, they concluded that the trend has changed, most major companies in Europe would prefer to fill woman into top executives positions, and this trend is increasing by leaps and bounds and they can be the keys to major decision making for the company. The survey has found out that, women can control stress better than man, women are not prone in fraudulent activities, women top executives can transform the company to be more human, and women top executives may not be committing personal scandals as much as man. and last but not least, they concluded that women can perform better when put understress.

So now the paradox emerges, can we reverse the role of a man into a woman's,at the present times, anything but the duty for reproduction of offspring. (hey i thought the first pregnant man was doing well). If you are man, would you be comfortable if your wife is earning more than you, or if you are woman, would you consider your husband useless if you were to be earning more than he does, and as a woman, would it be a shame if your husband were to be a house dad or staying home dad.

I read about one article about how a husband threw the towel from working in a bank to become a house dad, simply because the wife is earning more than he did, and she loved her job so much and she had to travel extensively, she said in the article for the sake of her two daughters and how she is not willing to park her daugthers with others, they made that decision, the husband is now the house dad, but he was not totally out of income, instead he uses his time to generate the so callled part-time income to supplemnet household income.

Funny isnt it now? those were the times when the wives used to work part-time like babysitting other's children, some cottage works, sewing clothes to supplement household income, but the scense is slowly changing now.

P/S. whether is a house dad or a house wife, the priority must be right.


  1. it is now a fact that there are more women in power. my boss is female, and she rules y'all. she is kind and considerate, harsh at times, but strictly business. to be a house dad is no joke. in europe i think its a norm, but for asians, esp for the chinese......i think most of us would be a lil malu lor....

  2. hey...i guess the story u put in the 4th paragraph is a comedy drama kat TV3 kot...Mr Mama


    (pandai2 copy paste laa ek)

    i rasa it's normal to have a house dad...sbb dulu my hubby was a house dad :D ehehhe...he was a house dad for about 18mths...dia buat part time jahit baju kat umah (my husband is a tailor :) Bridal shop)...

    sebenarnya dia jadi house dad for 5 mths saje laa, yg lebihnya house husband laa :D sbb takde anak lagi...

    skrang ni dah keja laa alhamdulillah...

  3. I'm not against the concept of house dad. I also agree that in your rumahtangga it is important to keep ur priorities right.

    However, I do believe that women have a better nurturing instinct than men, making them generally better at taking care of kids than the father.

    In Europe too, I think, after recognising that there is a truth to that and in valuing abilities of women, some companies actually allow mothers to work from home too, so they could have a career, earn money and take care of their children at the same time.

    Not something that we'll see here in Malaysia, won't we? Perhaps for SMIs. I've seen it's being practiced. But not others.

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  5. Are you agree with the findings that women can control stress better than men?

  6. Eii, eii, people.,... pleasae dun look down on househusbands... I got hots for househusbands. Something to wow for, for me. :-P

  7. i won't feel comfortable if i'm earning more than my future husband lol. luckily i am very much under paid, guess that situation won't happen =p

  8. woman in power are crazy people.

    Never ever work under a woman boss, they are a55h0le!

    especially unmarried woman.!!!