Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Where is my Sextisfaction

I was MSNing with a good old lady friend yesterday, as i was encouraging her to start a blog, she pleasantly declined as she says she is not so good in writing, i conceded but she has one request for me though. She requested me to write something about ,hear this "making love" and "having sex" i gladly agreed, and here i am sharing my thoughts about this topic. (thanks for bringing up the topic, Moiz)

This request brings me back to a candid conversation i once had with a very close married lady friend few years ago, she was lamenting to me about her sexperience (sex experience) in short, with her husband, as she put it bluntly, she had never experienced the joy of making love instead, all she had was plain having sex, she confided in me that her sexperience has never brought about the big "O" to her as her partner suffers the preE.

I remember vividly how frustrated she was sounding as she described a little further (details are not useful in this post), curiously i asked her why has her husband not gone for a medical consultation, she told me he was too egotistic to accept the fact that he suffered form preE and he needed medical remedy. I told her i was confused how can this happen, when two persons can be totally naked and immerse in something so wonderful as making love , yet there is one party who is suffering from it. Now i can conclude that the difference that separates "making love" and "having sex"

Having sex, to put it plainly can be concluded as this, as long as i got all sexed up, no matter how soon or how long it takes, i just dont have to bother how my partner feels, whether she could hit the climax or not , it is none of my business. That's what having sex is , it is about me , me and more me.

Wherelse, making love involves the love , the attention, the admiration of your partner's body, the caress, the laughters and most important the mutual satistaction for each other, it is the time when we assure the love and respect we have for our partner, and we must not let our partner suffer in silence.

P/S, God gives us the need, but it must not be abused to our own selfishness


  1. I can help her but please let me see her photo 1st...


  2. Hi there. This is to certain extend bold but was nicely put.

    I think in any intercourse, having sex or making love, it's all in the mind. It's the mind that controls the body.

  3. I cant help her..i dont need to see photo... unlike edi

    but i believe that making love is a sacred act between a couple in love, having their passions met released on each other.. ie. feelings..feelings of love for one another..

    i do agree, having sex is a totally different kind of act.. more on a abrupt starting and ending as well..

  4. Sex need not be selfish. It's not said and done thing. It depend on each other needs. Some just need caress, looking into each other eyes; making love is just enough, while others need just the opposite. It's have to be a mutual understanding and satisfaction.

  5. I agree with u on the differences of making sex and making luv...

    U make sex with a prostitute, but not with ur wife or husband...with them, u make luv with full of passion...

  6. Hi Eugene,

    Kegagalan komunikasi menjadi pencetus pelbagai masalah termasuklah hubungan seksual yang juga satu medium komunikasi antara 2 insan sebenarnya. Jika komunikasi yang baik boleh berlaku antara mereka masalah ini boleh diselesaikan bersama-sama.