Monday, September 15, 2008

If Tomorrow Never Comes... 916

I have a confession to make, if i dont say it now, i will be most remorseful for the rest of my life. It is not just about me, it is about my family and the future of my children. I had a girl friend...

Yes you heard it right, i had a girl friend, in short i used to call her BN, all these years i gave my all to BN, i loved BN dearly, through thick and thin i stood besides her, and BN even made a lot of promises to me, BN told me she only wanted to hear the "truth",from me, that my welfare will be her main concern, she would protect me from all the corruptors., from north to south, from east to west , BN vowes to construct corridors for me, it was kinda of like stairsway to heaven.
Sometimes i would even lied to myself to believe her, scandals after scandals she committed , i chose to keep it all to myself, untill one day to extent i went to see my good friend Micheal Chong for help, sad to say he told me "only fool like me would fall in love with her".

When i needed her most, she was no where to be found, i remember one incident when my house was badly flooded, she just dissappeared to "Land Down Under", at that point my heart was like shattered into pieces.

For so many years, i told my girl friend BN that i wanted equality and recognition, she told me not to discuss this publicly, i was coaxed to my silence when she told me to talk about it behind "closed door", again i fell prey to her uncanny charm, back then everybody used to call her "Miss Nice Girl".

Deep inside me, i knew day after day i was being pushed down to the abyss of deceit, so i decided to call it quit, for i knew her promises would never materialize. So i confronted her, blatanly she told me for all these years she treated me like a real fool that i needed to cling on to her, and that i am powerless without her, she even labelled me as an "squatter"" in her life, she challenged me that there was no way she would do the best for me, she even brandished her "keris" to show me her prowess.

I knew my time has come for me to forsake BN and to stoke the new flame that i found in my new girlfriend, (PR is her name), PR assured me that she would make all bad and turn in good for me, she vouched to put myself before her, she promised to build a house where one day all of my chilrdren will be equal. I could trust her because once she had a boyfriend just like BN, and for years PR has come to realize that to sustain a relationship, there must be CAT (Competency, Accountablity and Transparency) at work.

PR told me that she would give me due recognition , therefore she told me many months ago she had chosen the date 16th of September to announce to the world of our union.

16th of September, is just another day away, i do not harbour much hope that this would come to pass, but even tomorrow never comes, i am willing to wait a little longer to see the light at the end of the tunnel, now that i have forsaken BN, and i had got over all those empty promises and "tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies" stuff. My heart as for now is for my new love PR

P/S , my heart will go on, as long as i believe there is hope


  1. If tomorrow never comes...

    then we wait for the day after tomorrow LOL!

  2. oh even though i'm in a hurry, i cant resist the urge to leave a comment here and say that i truly am moved by your post eugene. to be in an abyss of deception is truly difficult. i long for the same that hope you found. thanks for sharing eugene.

    a good man like you deserve genuine happiness. :)

  3. in a way, i can relate to what you have written here. wishing you the best of everything man, everybody, especially a good and loving father like you and me deserve all the happiness in this world.

  4. If tomorrow never comes, do treasure each minute with your love ones now..

    I miss my love one very much eventhough it is already been more than a decade...

    when they are around, we might take them for granted..only when they disappear forever, we yearn for their presence...

  5. Lucky nothing happened during 916 in Malaysia but not the other parts of the world :( sad to say 916 not a good day!


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  8. hi eugene,
    nice pose I like this entry..hehe

    At first,I did believe you are having an affair hehe

    SO cunning..:)