Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's So Atrocious (ISA)

Wishing all my blogger friends, visitors to my blog and to those who are still unlawfully incarcerated without trial a Happy Mid Autumn Festival, good health and remember you are not alone

And for those who sacrificed their freedom so that we can have our freedom, my family salute you.

Even as we celebrate this auspicious festival, my friends and i will not forget those who have stood up to the truth, so that we can hear the truth, cheers to you
We will not kow-tow to silent intimidation,nor will we will yield ourselves to unequality, oppression and surpression.

P/S. Mooncakes for those who are ISA-ed, soon the Rocket, with the Blue Eye will take us all to the Moon


  1. Happy mooncake festival!

    IS now or never, We need Anwar to act sooooon.

    Gomen, polis, judge & etc will do whatever possible to stop Anwar!

    by doing this they only ignite the Rakyat Fire! UMNO popularity drop to the lowest point.

  2. This year Mid-autumn festival will be remembered...

    The delicious Mooncakes has had it role in toppling the Mongolian regime of the Yuen Dynasty.
    Now, we shall see the toppling of the hopeless BN government.

    Let ALL MALAYSIAN put our spirit & prayers together for 16 Sept...the fall of the disappointing BN regime.

  3. Let us remember, BN must fall, the government can come and go, but Ali, Ah Chong and Muthu must unite because this land belongs to us not to BN

  4. Very happy feelings that was I feel when looking your photo. Happy weekend my friend.
    ** love ely **

  5. happy eating mooncake, eugene and family..
    i know what u r talking church is also praying for them.. it is indeed a shock...i hope the truth will prevail soon...
    eugene, i need your help. since u r from penang, do look into my post regarding my fren's condo.. hope u will be able to help out since u know so many people..thanks in advance.. any further details,pls dont hestitate to ask me..

  6. Hi eugene,



  7. Wow... looks like u had quite a party for the Mooncake Festival! Must have been great fun :)

  8. Dear Eugene

    I hope you had a great celebration.
    Like the anology in the PS.

  9. bro..
    thnx on ur comment
    pleasure to know u