Wednesday, September 10, 2008

just who do you think you are?

Everyone should know or ought to know who this guy is (Ahmad Ismail)he rattles the peace of our nation, he stirs up emotion, just who does he think he is? I guess he is just another bankrupt politician, since somebody took over the state administration, suddenly he realized the goodies he has been enjoying all this while is gone, no more contracts, no more favours, no more recognition, so he went crazy, and a typical example of being political incontinance.

So his anger boils, and he capitalised by harping on sensitive issue in one contest, damn it again, they lost badly. The other side wanted him to apologize for his unwarranted remarks, he refused. Just who does he think he is? he is just a small potato, a big man like me doesnt need his apology.

Why should we get angry with such a person of low standard, just who deos he think he is? he is nothing, simply because he doenst even understand his country's history.

This country's foundation was strongly cemented by all, and no one should claim credit to oneself, therefore we should not let one fool destroy all that we have built. Government can come and go, but the country we love must stand strong forever.
We must protect our country, for here lies the future for our children, we must stave off sectarian and bigoted idealogy, we must fend off those in power who triumph at the expense of others' race, colour, gender and religion, and who bulldoze the country's wealth for their own benefits

I like to see my Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban, Kadazan, Dusun , bidayuh, kelabit friends and all the rest to succeed in this land because this blessed land belongs to everyone of us, and we shall make all animosities history, we should move forward hand in hand so that we can stand tall in the eyes of the world.

P/S The character's name and events in the post are merely fictatious, and similiarity is purely coincidental


  1. no doubt eugene. we the people are all live in peace actually. we love each other equally. it's that kind of people that bring out emotions to the nation. buang negara lagi baik.

  2. Desperate people makes desperate move. Our desperado here included.
    Oh oh I've got a better term for that. Political incontinence. from Jeff Ooi's.

  3. For me Ahmad Ismail is a nobody, irrelevant! Before he made his milestone speech about Chinese are squatters in Malaysia, Avril Lavinge gets more headline than him. All Ahmad Ismail ever wanted is ATTENTION, just like a little kid who want his mama attention. I bet Ahmad Ismail’s mother never breast feed him as he seems lack of family love and dying for attention now.

  4. I agree with your nice thought, that is government can come and go, but the country we love must stand strong forever. Hope you fine my friend.

  5. The comments he made has created a big "rift" between the Malays and the Chinese. Where's the muhibbah spirit we supposed to condone?

  6. thanks for dropping by my blog.

    been reading about 'that' political news lately too. those views are his, solely. each and every human being have their own mind and view and i'm pretty sure many do not agree with him. it only shows one's low esteem and little confidence in himself.

    regardless of race or religion, i believe whoever leads, as long as there is unity and equality, no one really cares the race of the PM. because end of the day, it is justice and fairness in everyone's heart then kindness will spread like wildfire. but if everything is segregated into race, religion, colour, there will be instincts for minority to start feeling some uneasiness and move towards fighting for survival.

    cross my fingers. best of luck.

  7. You're so right Eugene. We all cemented that foundation. The whole hype about this whole dilemma is so immature, not to say shallow as well. Being the bigger person, like you said, only brings about maturity to grow the nation beyond boundaries. Thank you for this post mate.

  8. I love your title for this post.. and can understand yr ranting out.. it is the hot topic of the year...