Monday, September 08, 2008

Let's spill out the beans

My Jovial (that's my eldest son) confided in me and my wife that he liked a girl in the class, well we probed further, like who is she, how does she look like, and etc and etc, like parents do, on top of that we are proud that he could open to us comfortably.

Sometimes it is most amusing when our own children open up to us about the BGR (boy girl relationship) issues, deep inside my heart i know it is kind of early for him to have a go at BGR, but then again since he has opened to us, i know i have the responsibity to guide and assure him correctly.

I began to tell him about what infactuation, chemistry between a boy and a girl is and the biological and emotional changes he bound to experience in times to come, i shared with him my experience of infactuation and how my puppy love was snatched away by my cat friend (we had a good laugh about this)

I know my son is getting in a bit in vanity, he knows it and i assured him it was ok to feel good about himself, to look good and feel good.

I cant imagine, given another few years, when he steps in into teenhood, man i need to do more homeworks than he does, because i want him to have some core values that are precious in his upbringing

P/S, someone calls it puppy love. and someone help me , help me please.


  1. eugene, you're worried? I lagi worried coz mine is a girl. i think i have to start doing my homewrk from now. hehe...

  2. wei.. i hv 2 in the family who are undergoing this .. haiyah.. 2 , man. my girl and my boy.. how to handle, tell me? hahaha.. we parents sure worry, but they tell me its the trend wor... dont worry, be happy.. sigh.. i also dont know how leh..

  3. hahaha its great that he talks to you about it leh!

    how old is he?

    i know as a parent you dont want him to be hurt, but sometimes, i think to hurt, to err, to regret is the best way to learn life's hardest lessons. :)

  4. i have the same problem with my eldest man... i just recalled how was it during my time, i just discovered later that it was just a passing fancy, all part of growing up but you are right that they have to be guided accordingly as was the case between me and my own father. it is good to learn though that your boy confides in you. now thats a good sign. as long as he tells you everything, you don't need to worry.

  5. hoho..agree in wat ju ann and bongflo's good when he talks to you..well, its better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all..