Friday, September 05, 2008

Drop dead beautiful

Went to see some customers this morning,i was in lift with this gorgeous looking, toned complexion, sporting a stunning short cut, about 5'6", and she cuts an atheletic figure, i pressed for floor 29th, she stood there without saying anything, i guess she must be going to same floor as i am.

Sometimes it could be kind of awkward when this happens in the lift, you wanted to look her beauty, but you are so scared that you might be labelled as a maniac of any sort, but i tell you man, she is a bomb.........

As the lift wasnot running that fast, second seems so long, i finally drummed the courage and opened my mouth, and this is the exact words i said to her " you look very beautiful, you must be an outdoor person, and i am sure you go to gym as well"
My heart was pounding as if i was just struck by a thunder bolt, there was a very brief silence, and she looked at me and said "thank you" and still continued telling me indeed she is an outdoor type of person.

The door of the lift opened, as we both sauntered out the lift, we continued talking about being fit and what not, without realizing, we both entered the same office, to my present surprise, she works in the same office as my customer.

She made my day today, i was still laughing to myself as i drove for another appointment.

P/S , a sincere complement is sure to break the ice


  1. so...soooo.. tonight can sleep ah? haha..just joking.. if she reads yr blog, lagi better....

  2. hahaha, wow... not bad ah, like dat also can make a new friend liao =D

    u must have quite a 'good guy' face la, that's why, hehe =P

  3. thats how it is with married men like us... just worship from afar, hahaha. its good though that you manage to strike a conversation, but don't get too far man... hehehe (just joking!!!)