Thursday, September 04, 2008

Want a girl.........?

Ok, before i begin,please take a peek at my family setting. Myself (42 of age), my wonderful wife (38), my most charming eldest Jovial (11), and my most adorable yongest Marvell(7).

Just recently, my wife bought up a subject of adding another member into family, she wanted a ta laaaaaaaaa, a girl, i was not at all shocked by her proposal nor was i willing to let her down, i listened and i said to her, here is my explaination for her.

We have been married for the past 12 years, and we have been busy for that period of time and we have had not really spent enough time as like just the two of us because most of times it is like children time. I have always told her i really looked forward to the time when we both can enjoy ourselves, (another just the two of us time )together, doing the things that we both like, by then the children are already in their teen.

If we were to have another girl, i dread that i could achieve that dream of mine because another 10 years will be spent looking after the latest addition.

P/S. girl, please forgive me, your wish is not granted by our wish shall come to pass


  1. Eugene, just can't imagine you changing diapers again.

  2. Perhaps it was brought up because she is soon becoming 40? After 40 it's not really advisable to get pregnant isn't it?