Wednesday, September 03, 2008

This is the best part...... being a dad

The best part being a father to two wonderful sons is.. they are there for me when i am worn out, stressed out or even drained out, you might not agree with me but it is true.

They make me feel loved (besides my wife, for sure), everytime when my sons hug me and kiss me, i am all perked up especially when i am feeling stressed, they might not know that, but they are in fact reassuring their dad that life is good.They can be boisterous most of the times, but beyond those noises, i feel blessed that i have got two healthy and jovial boys that can thump and hump about, and this blessing is good enough for me to see beyond my problems.

P/S.. Thank you Jovial and Marvell for being there for me, appreciate it

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  1. Amen to that.. a house is not a home without the noise from the kids.. once they grown up, we will be all alone again.. i know i will be unless ......