Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I love myself

Stiff neck, not smiling a lot, not sleeping well, dont feel like doing blog hoping , moody at times and i know i am under it...What is the "it", "it" here refers to stress. Yes i am under stress, and yes stress is real and yes stress drains me out phsyically and mentally...

But one consolation though, i knew it , i reconized it and i wanted to face it, sometimes we can be caught by stress when we least expect it to happen to us, it is like sudden dark clouds shrouding over you, chasing away your good feelings and leaving you feeling battered.

I was under it for the past few days, but today i decided that i must by hook and by crook get over it, i dont want my days to be ruined by this malaise, i know i can triumph over this. Determined, i told myself this morning i must start doing somethings about it,,,,,so i decided to set little goals only for today.........as i am writing now, i am feeling so much better now...

P/S, sorry to my blogger friends, if i have not been visiting you for the past few days,,


  1. I hope u have de-stressed by now :-) and be relaxed enough to do the TAG. All u hv to do is COPY and paste the text from my Tag post into your blog, then u delete my answers and put in YOUR answers instead. Then at the end of it, list down the next 6 bloggers u wanna tag - easy? U can link their urls to their names.

  2. hi Eugene, hope u feel better now.. stress is common, at least to me, something is bothering and somehow cannot get it out of my mind, takes time but could be overcome, talk it out if possible, if not, rant it out here in the blog...that is what it is for, to SHOUT, SCREAM..ok?
    ok, let me pass u something to occupy your mind.
    copy this url and try to do some clicking. You get 5cents per click and sometimes it varies, sometimes it can go up to 60 cents per click.
    No capital, safe and not much time spent.. so far, i hv made more than 12usd...less than 2 weeks or so.. well, nothing comes free, just spend a little time per day, doing some finger exercising..OK?
    Take care, my fren..