Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Melamine, Melamine you

Suddenly the world's attention in spot on the "Moos" , ok not literally on the "Moos", but the produce of this little white liquid from the "Moos", and thanks to the "Moos" we can learn a new vocab or two from the "Moos" as well. MELAMINE it is..........I dont have to give you the defination of the word, if you're inquisitive enough, just google it

The scare of milk and the rest of the dairy products that are tainted is so real, if you ask me "are you scared as well ?", the fact yes " I am". Come on we are talking about the lives of our little ones, any parents with a sound mind would be scared and terrified.

Read the comments from report in China's paper via internet, they claim this incident qoute "worse than terrorist attack" unquote. The onslaught of the incident is like an end time movie, where the villian will use all of its might and power to conquer human in ubiquitousness, and there is just no escapes. Who knows one day, it might just be everything we commsume will be all tainted and poisoned.

To be very frank, i cant trust the list of safe dairy and milk products of brands released by the Health Ministry, are they really safe? It looks like the snowball effect or effects of this catastrophe could be worse than we all thought, we are talking about tainted food here, not just toys, shoes, or tyres. And nobody knows how long has this been happening.

So far over 50.000 children are affected, and the numbers are increasing, what about the economical losses of the cows breeder, nobody wants to buy their produce anymore, and they are the innocent ones, everyday they will have no choice but to drain away the milk with no income coming in for them.

P/S, The greed of men, the beggining of the end of Man


  1. You dont get any worst than CHINA.

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ number one, can sell even their mother if that's can make them money

  2. Yup, China is pulling all this crappy thing just because everyone is consuming a lot of their products.. what a shame!

  3. How do you verify that the products on our shelves is actually melamine free? Are manufacturers warranties enough?

    I've tried calling the authority byt the line seemed jammed.

  4. You know it's really cruel to put these babies in such a risk. Shame on the manufacturers!