Thursday, September 25, 2008

How your Back was won.(The sick version)

I am a true believer of protecting one's right, i mean human right that ecompasses gay right, or lesbian right. As long as your right does not make any wrongs to others, by all means you can go on living with your right

I am sure most of us have heard of infidelity in marriages, husband cheating behind wife and vice versus, but the ugliest form of infidelity in marriage in my opinion i have heard just recently is husband having extra marital affair not with a woman but with a guy who happens to be a gay.

I have gays and les in my circle of friends, i have always respected their choices of their own existence, and i truly respect those who have made known their inclination of their sexuality, so they dont hide behind their true identity, and i always encourage them to find their true love.

To my dismay, Ric told me just the other day, he has found his, i was so very happy for him at the beginning. When he revealed to me that his love is a married man with two kids, i was flabbergasted, and i couldnt stop lecturing him. He shared with me how nice this partner is treating him, that he even rents an apartment for him or for his partner secret rendezvous. I stopped talking to him for a while and i just kept quiet, and the end of the conversation, i just said to him"Ric, you are going to send your partner's wife to the gallow, and when she puts her head through the noose, you are going suffer from the guilt for the rest of you life" then i said bye bye to him and i walked off.

Sometimes when i look at some of my friends' wives, i feel so sad for them because i know the fact that their husbands are having others loves, and it is even sadder that they didnt know anything about it, and living a life of being deceived.

I despise marriage infidelity, to me it simply means you are betraying someone's trust and you are living a double life, it is just like "Lucifer" in the form of "Casper the friendly ghost" . and the most sickening or the most despicable a man can do to his wife is to have an affair with a man.

Back to my friend Ric, as much as i respect the choices he made, i still cant accept that he is building his happiness at the expense of someone's unseen sorrow, we dont do that, do we?

P/S, Do not betray the trust that someone entrusts you with.


  1. Sounds rather common nowadays.. i still dont understand why and how it works..but it still happens.. cannot imagine, its sad..esp with a married guy.. pity those who are born this way too..they just cannot control their feelings?

  2. rather true nowadays what you have written here... dropping by to read you posts. ciao bro!

  3. Bisexual is bisexual. No different if he is married or single coz they are rubbish.

  4. I agree with you. Its just damn sad that marriage is taken so lightly these days. Makes me think a million times over before I even think of marriage.

  5. I don't really care whether he/she is a gay or les, but i really cannot accept the "married husband/wife" with other lover...

    It’s really pain to imagine it. Much more pain if have to feel it in reality.

    All married man and women out there...please appreciate your wife/hubby. They sacrifice so much to marry u. Even if they are not perfect (everyone is not perfect), please at least appreciate and treasure their love to u.

    I don’t hate that gay or les, but I hate that stupid married man.