Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yesterday... i crossed words with my son

One thing nice being a parent with a growing child or children is that we learn everyday from them, sometimes it angries you, sometimes it humbles you, and something it shames you. On the hindsight, it will always be a lesson to learn.

Just yesterday, i called my eldest up asking him what he wanted for lunch, he kept pestering me what i would buy for him, he insisted he didnt want vegetibles, and i insisted that he should take some vegi, a short while of crossing words with him, i hanged up the phone telling he could go without food untill i came back from work.

As i was in the office doing my stuff, i was thinking to myself, did i do anything wrong or did he say something that triggered my temper. Eventually, i realized that i was the one in the wrong.

You see when i called him up, i offered him a choice by saying this to him" what do you want for lunch". When he made the choice that did not sync with mine, i got agitated. To me i felt that he should appreciate whatever i would buy for him, but then again what the heck was i giving him the choice, when he was left with no choice at all
When i went back home, as usual i gave him a hug and telling him i was sorry, but i just wanted him to know that vegetables are still good for him...so we reconcilled before the night fell....

I will never let any family quarrel unsettled before night falls, after all this what a family shoud do forgive and forget...

P/S, Son, i appreciate you making your stand, nobody should bulldoze you around including your father


  1. Hi.. you are such a good father. I will learn from you, when my baby boy come to this world next month :). Thank you for visit me at my blog.

  2. hi nice to meet you..hope that you link me back

  3. You remind me of my father...

    He must has a hard time bringing me up.

    Worry that i might not be useful for the society.