Monday, August 18, 2008

An Olympic lesson for my son.......

"The world will only remember the gold medalists or the record breakers, very rarely the silver or the bronze medalist will be remembered" that's what i told my son when we sat down catching the men single live between Lin Dan and Chong Wei.

For an example we all know Neil Armstrong is the first man to step on the surface of the moon, but do we know the name of the second man landed on the moon.

And to reach the pinacle of one's sporting career, you just cant imagine the ruthless, the hardest, the most unimaginable training regimes the atheles have to go through. As for Guo Ching Ching, the back to back gold medalist for woman divng, how at the age of 6 she was forced to let her father to sit on her lap for two years just to correct her knee bone problem. That's what i told him too......

Behind the fame, the money and the glory, there were heartaches, tears, challenges, and the burden that is more than one can bear, and once you have perfected it, there are more opponents that are better than you that you have to overcome. It takes more than pysical gruelling, and you have to be mentally fit. That's what i told him again.

P/s. Son there is price to pay for fame and glory,,,

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  1. The match was quite disappointing but cannot blame Chong Wei also. He's got all the nation's hope on his shoulder whc makes him so nervous. Or maybe the RM1m figure keeps lingering in his mind. ;p