Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Money, my sons need to know

I am shocked to say the least when i heard good friend's son who spends about RM300 for phone call charges monthly, and he is a school going 17 years old, upon revealing the itemised bill reflected in the phone bills, most calls were made to his girlfriend. SO WHAT ! you may ask, as long as the parents can afford it, but i beg to differ because that's not the end of the story...

To make the situation nicer for the boy, my good friend ended up subcribing 2 lines for his son and his girl friend with the benefit that calls to these two subcribed numbers are free... my friend has got sense indeed........

I am not here to pass judgement as to say what my friend did is wrong, it is seriously not for me to say, however this scene got me thinking, do the children now know the value of money or do they know what frugality is about or what simplicity is..

As far as conservation is concerned, i am very strict with my family, especially to my two wonderful sons, they have been thought since small do not waste electricity, food and even money, they are thought of giving to charity and caring. I am sure we still have long way to go as far as learning is concerned.

Just a few days ago, i said thank you to my boys for their effort in keeping the electricity bill low even with the hike in electricity tariff.

I am not a miser, and i am not a millionaire either but i believe strongly about the value of money even in its smallest value, i love to teach my 2 boys about the value of money in our daily lives.

I would always tell the boys, that we should always do some charity and always give that extra to the deserving lot, one of the things that i encourage them to do is giving tips, i told them giving tips would always bring a smile to the receipient.

For an example if my parking ticket costs me .60 cents , i would give RM 2, and i would tell my son that with this extra RM1.40 not only this uncle will be happy but i beg his children will be happy too because their papa has got extra today,assuming there are 10 persons giving that little extra, their Papa would treat them to a KFC meals, who know this might be what the children have been longing for...........

P/S, giving a little extra is better than spending a little extra.....

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  1. Yes i think nowadays many kids are spoilt rotten by their parents who think money solves everything. That's why these kids dunno the value of money and think they grow on trees.