Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Children..oh Precious Children

As i blogged earlier in one of my previous posts, there was a survey indicating that the suicidal trend among the youth has changed, the age of suicidal cases reported is getting younger , and the mental health of the teen is in need of special attention.

The above is the paper cutting that appeared in one local english daily last week depicting a 14 years old, left a suicidal note before he leapt from 4 storey, thank god he survived..

It wrentches my heart when i read this kind of news, what is so depressing for the boy in wanting to take his own life. A good question but need serious answer......

I remembered many years ago, when i was involved in a children ministry of a church, i came across few cases, where depression was indeed real in these growing up into teen boys and girls, they did everything the parents told them to do, good boys and girls, they appeared to be very all right outside, but they were not in the inside, they were simply not happy, they were just lost, they wanted answers to their questions but what they got was " we will tell you when the time is right" or "this is not supposed to be a question coming from a boy or a girl like your age" or worse " dont talk me about girl friend or boy friend stuff, ok? just concentrate your study first"

Slowly and subtly these beautiful boys and girls believe that no one would ever want to listen to them anymore that they are not important anymore, then they start to look for other avenues to find solace... chances are taken if the avenues are right, then it is ok, but if they are evil, then the consequences might be too dear.

Just last night, i was so happy that i could spend time talking to my eldest in a coffee shop, just the two us, listening to him, assuring him that he got a papa that he can always run to, and making mistakes is part of growing up and his papa even at this age still got so many things to learn

P/S. The need of a child is very simple, he just wants to be heard

These words from a song keep coming to my mind even as i blog now" give me a little bit, give me a little bit of your time to me.............


  1. yes, u shld let him know that papa is always the one to turn to when things go wrong.

    start it young. their test will come in their teenage years.


  2. yes, we need to tell our kids that no matter what, there is no unsolvable problem..that we parents will always be there for them to turn to... hope they can remember... worried that spur of a moment, they do drastic actions..

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  4. How sad. Though I can relate to why young people suffer from depression...

    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  5. I think every parents should learn from this case. More concern and open to their children to share everything they like to share.
    Proud of you for being a wise parents for your children.