Sunday, August 24, 2008

My appreciation to blogger friends

As i hit my 110th post (this is the one), i am truly blessed and happy for having my friends in the bloggershpere who have incessantly coming by my blog, leaving comments in the "chat box", by seeing your names there alone has indeed giving me so much of support..

Therefore, i like to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" very much to each one of you for your encouragement, i will surely do likewise.

I believe it is sometimes very true for us blogger to feel like hibernating for a while or we face a dry spell in knowing what to blog next, or even heading Cul-de-sac, at these times, friends like you has in a way or many pep you up, and continue blogging again.

It amazes when i read about bloggers making money but doing just that.. blogging, i am totally oblivious to this, as i dig deeper in this new realm of blogging, it is the fact we can indeed money from blogging, i hope someone out there can share with me the magice of making money online.

P/S, thank you guys once again,, giving is also better than receiving...

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