Monday, August 25, 2008

Will the real slayer, please stand up?

Danger and more dangers are looming and lurking among our youth now, to the extent that their lives are hanging in the limbo, their minds are so bondaged by the unreal existence and fictatious figures that they thought were real.

Two youths both aged 16, committed suicide simultaneously leaving some death notes that apparently indicated that they belonged to a youth cult codenamed "sexy little fellas", and they too had a vision in life, that was to eradicate the evils from the surface of the world, they were the proctector of the world and the crusader of the mankind. (As reported in a local chinese daily)

What more worrying is the youth cult has got their own hiearachy system, the youth take order from the top, monikered "the slayer" and once the order is dispensed, the youth must execute it,
and once the mission is accomplished, that's when their lives will be ended in order to attain the so called atonement....

i hate to elaborate about this youth cult, but the truth is there are many of such groups and organinsations that prey on the youth, some use free sex as bait, some use drug, and some may just use lives of our youth.

As parents we need to be very carefull when our children are too immersed in video games, guide them through it, helping them to distinguish the real from the unreal

P/S. there are sure monsters out there. and our children are indeed vulnerable


  1. A sickening social development indeed.

    With money scams, at least the worst scenario is financial damages. But these cults is pushing the limits by using the lives of innocent youths as their playing stakes.

    Parents now have another new evil to slay now...

  2. this case was in Singapore right? apparently they played too much world of war craft!

    too scary!