Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Time does fly, doesnt it? It has been closed to five months since i started blogging, through trials and errors (as they like to say), i have survived, and to survive i will. I guess 5 months is not a period that i should boast about, in fact it is nothing compared to those bloggers that have been in it for years.

It is the journey that gets me thinking, remembering the initial stages of blogging, i knew close to nut about it, even at one stage, i accidentally deleted my whole blog, my frustration was compounded when there was no one in my circle of friends who blogs, that only meant i could only learn litterally "on line".

I am glad that my eldest is more net savvy than i am, along the way he has guided me and given me some tips,now i survive.........

My blog may not be in anyway impressive but i am still trying to make as stunning as it should be, and here i am telling myself that i should do some spring cleaning to it.

I have this malaise or discomfort when you have other bloggers knocking on you, leaving comments in your chat box, and asking you to exhange links with them, excitedly you said yes, and you make some hits on their blogs but they dont seems to reciprocate, well it is time to DISCLUTTER them.

Please do not misunderstand me that i dont need support or hits or wanting to sound so professional and all, it is all about being mutual...i truly appreciate blogger friends like Claire, Cas, Miss Elle, Mark(new found), liona(new found), olivia(new found), via, ju-man, yanz , reynebows ,jas and many more(please forgive me if you dont see your names here and you are my favourite, it is because my memory is failing me)

I guess friendship ( even friends in blogershpere)is like vintage wine, it tastes to it full perfection, when it is brewed longer

P/S, toast to a my blogger friends, second toast may we find more of the same kind,,


  1. Where me where me? you forgot me! hahaha

    and your site is fine! simple and very good for reading. fancy colour, fancy graphics hinder reading.

  2. haha. i also deleted my blog at one point. yes, a toast to the blog and to new friends. cheers!


  3. I m overwhelmed..I m touched..I salute to u too, for being so honest and blogging without fear or favor to anyone... keep on the good posts and be ourselves, to rant our 'whatevers' and whenever we like.

  4. yeah, i kind of bothered when people just post in the cbox "hi, been here. exchange links? please check my blog too". I prefer if that someone start with leaving some comments in any blog entry so that I know that person interested to continue reading the blog instead of just "tambah koleksi".
    Anyway, glad to be your blog friend too.

  5. spring cleaning, may be consider Autumn cleaning now....heeheee....

    if i were to delete my blog, i would be very very upset!


  6. so thats why i was "discluttered"... so sorry man that i don't get to visit yur site often, been very busy. anyway, i enjoyed reading your posts today. i too am new at blogging, started last july. wish i could be as prolific like in writing posts. hope you won't disallow me to visit your site. you have been a big help to me just by reading your posts.