Monday, August 11, 2008

The little things that i forgot.........

We can really forget the little things in life that have great meaning in others' lives, things like saying" i love you", like giving someone a hug.(bear hug, kangaroo hug, or orang utan hug , all can do) or words to express our concern.

I was waiting for the arrival of my wife at the airport last sunday morning, as she came out, she hurriedly hopped into the car, i drove off, went for lunch, headed for the bookstore, came back, went for a game of tennis, went back, have dinner, watched TV, i went out to buy foodstuff, i came back, she was already sleeping.

My or my, for the past two days, i didnt even give my wife a hug even for the fact that we have a brief separation of two days, even as i blog now, i realized that the easiest thing as a hug but i forgot to do.....i guess she forgot it too.

If a hug is important as oxigen and food, for sure we would not forget to embrace it. May be this is a little lesson i must learn, making hug as important as breathing life to a relationship.

P/S. ... hugging is not just loving someone, it is like saying you're part of me.


  1. aww, this is a sweet post =)
    goin home 2 hug my hubby 2nite =P

  2. Hehe...i hug & squeeze my dog everyday :) Btw, thanks for linking my blog... glad u like it. I enjoy reading yours too.

  3. eugene, you really are a sweet gentleman. :) How i wish I could find a thoughful guy like you. in my dreams. LOL. take care always. and extend my regards to your family esp to your wife. hope you guys enjoy hugging! :)

  4. Sorry about that, Lou Kong ;-)