Saturday, August 09, 2008

Hooray, China Boleh

No denying it Beijing 08 Olympic was indeed spectacular, like we love to say it here "China Boleh" or simply put China Can. As i was watching the opening, i got transfered back to the 80s

If you can recall, during the 80s, when Hong Kong drama series was like something we cannot do without, we would just glued ourselves to the TV and playing our "Milo Tapes"
oops sorry wrong pronunciation, it is supposed to be video tape, remember those parts, how the Hongkies scorned and humiliated those who managed to sneak in from mainland China, they called them Ah Chang labelling them as some one who is low casted, illeterate and just bad.

In those dramas how Ah Chang were being unkindly treated, one actor that is so synonymous with the moniker Ah Chang is Leow Wai Hong, remember the part where he forced burgers after burgers through his mouth. What show already ya?

China has indeed made it, not just made it but made it BIG, there is a saying "When US sneazes, the rest of the world catches cold" i believe soon the saying shall be replaced "When China moves, the world trembles"

One great man of Malaysia once coined the phrase"Malaysia Boleh", i reckon we can indeed boleh if we were to see beyound color, race and religion. As i was watching the Olympic opening ceremony, i cant stop seeing my belove country, are we progressing or otherwise.

P/S, by the way kudos to Sarah Brightman and Lui Hong for their wonderful rendition of You and Me.


  1. A well-written post about the past and present image of China! I watched that Ah Chang's movies too, agreed with what you said here. Now Hong Kongers have to welcome shoppers from China, they are big spenders now.

    It's National Day in Singapore. It wasn't raining last night at the Bird's Nest, but it is raining now during SG National Day Parade, but I am sitting at the comfort of my home now. :P

    China Boleh, Malaysia Boleh, Singapore Boleh heheheh

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