Thursday, August 07, 2008

Behind Those Tears

Didnt visit my mom for the past few days, so decided to to take her out for a after dinner coffeebreak, taged along were my wonderful wife and my usual boisterous two charming sons of mine.

Usually for this so called coffee break, it would be my" beer break" with my wife, i always enjoy a few beers with wonderful company, life's short they say.....

But as the coffee attendant brought out the beers, my eldest son started to sob, i knew something was amiss but my wife was agitated because we both knew he would always object us to drinking beer. My wife gave him a mild scolding, accusing him of controlling us, i was caught in between my enjoyment and my son's feeling. Calmly, i said to him i wanted to know why was he crying.(as if i didnt know already), he said he would tell me during bed time(usually that's time we both talk, kind of customery)

Fast forward to bed time, as usual again, he would hold my hand and we would talk. So i reminded him that there was something that he needed to tell me........he said " papa drinking beer is no good, bad for health, i love you and i dont want you to get sick" I nodded and i said "i love you too" slowly i tugged him to sleep.

P/S: Behind those tears, i know someone loves me, thank you Jovial Ung Ee


  1. wow..i m truly touched..yr kid is very matured..and he dares to express his love for u, not many do that...including mine.. aaahh....

  2. Hey, ur son is so cute! that love! even if he bug u for Wii, he deserved to be pampered! well, this Wii sport is also good for us adult too. Lots of hands execrise! heehee....:D

  3. aaww. so sweet of your son. but it isn't much wonder because you are a great father - raising them very well.

    thanks eugene for appreciating my blog. and by the way, something's wrong with your url again on my chatbox. hehe. :)

  4. Ohh this is so adorable :)

  5. awww.. so sweet of your son.. well.. lessons are learned.. sometimes from unexpected people..:)