Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Come and sleep with me............

When i told my friend just the other day that my sons still sleep with us at night, he said that i was crazy, he further elaborated that children should be put to their own room and learn to be independant. I said i agree partly but not totally.

I told him the four of us really enjoyed being together in the master room, sharing jokes, reading, talking about the afternoon events, i sometimes would put up some funny shows pretending to be Micheal Jackson and so forth, and the whole room will be engulfed with laughter and giggles, this is how the children like it. After which the big one will hold my hand, and the small one will hold his mothers hand and slowly we will tug them to sleep.

As far as parenting is concerned, i believe there are many school of thoughts in regards to certain issues, i just dont want to be a conformist, i want to feel the children, to be close to them. if we seriously looking at the amout of time we spend with them, we will all be surprised, i counted it is less than 3 hours a day, believe me. Less than 3 hours a day to build the bonding, is it enough?

Therefore, i prefer them to sleep with the parents. The joy that i have when my sons whisper " i love you" with their wanning voice and their tired eyes that just refused to lose contact with mine.

Remember the song from Steve Tyler from the movie Amarggedon that goes like this," i could stay awake just to hear your breathing, watch you smile while you're sleeping, far away from dreaming"

P/S, I know my sons love me dearly................

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