Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How come?

"She is fourteen years old, well mannered, near straight As student, a good girl in the eyes of her family. She befriended a guy supposedly through short messaging service (SMS), the guy nineteen years old told her she got her number through her friend, after a short period of SMSing, she came out alone to meet the guy for the first time, this is the time her nightmare started.

From that first meeting, he took her to a desserted shop, and molested her, took her naked photos with handphone and threatened her that he would upload them to the internet if she didnt obey him. She was raped for 5 to 6 times, and eventually she got impregnated by that bastard...............(a true story as reported in the chinese daily)

As a parent when i read this, i was angry but then again i did not know excatly what i was angry at or angry about. At 14 years, all boys and girls are at the age of fantasy of Romeo and Juliet, they just love day dreaming of their prince charming or princess right..(come on we were there once , werent we) and they cant really tell who is angel and who is devil.

Why did the girl not confide in her parents when it first happened, i dont know, let us as parent ponder about this........

Let us learn to spend sometime to build the bond with our children, let us forewarn them that there are monsters around, let us tell them it is absolutely ok if they feel that they are experiencing infatuation, or those lovey dovey issues, let us make it clear to them that are avenues for them to run to when they are in trouble.

It will be any 4 or 5 years when my boys enter into their teen, i want to be prepared now, i want to learn what the teenage craze is about, i want to learn what is bad and good for them, i want to grow with them so that i can sync with them talking in their language....

P/S, please save our children from harm... sometimes they are truly vulnerable


  1. Maybe there's a lack of communcation and connection between the daughter and her parents. Sad to hear this trajedi happened. Blame it on the Asian mentality!

  2. it could be many things. the girl probably afraid telling the parents because they might scold her and say that she's stupid for ever thought of going to see the stranger. some kids dont like to be called stupid by their parents. An it's not only happen in Asia. Nice entry Eugene... makes me realise that i should be prepared for Amanda. :)

  3. a really sad story, but then things like this happen for a reason... a lot of maybe's, it could also be the downside of too much technology. whatever happened we only speculate on why these things have to happen. its a real pity that we parents tend to overlook alot of things when it comes to our children. i pray that the perpetrator of this crime is bought to justice.