Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Star is Born

Ladies and gentlemen, i have the greatest pleasure to present to you this year's Oxcar Awards for the category of The Most Promising Actor Award, the nominees are XXXXX, YYYYY,ZZZZZ and Jovial Ung Ee, and the Oxcar goes to Jovial Ung Ee.

Note: The above is the fictatious illustration of the Real Oscar Presentation in the year 2018.

Ok, you guys might think i am joking, but seriously when my son did that video recording or rather short movie, i told him then and there to dare to dream big, not just big but very big. Eventhough it is just a little less than 3 minutes, but the affirmation and the assertion i gave to him i bet will last a lifetime. Thank God for blogging, i will be able to save this posting in my archive.

P/S . Son , truly i am proud of you, not because you are good, because you dare to be good


  1. Hahaha I enjoyed watching this video!

    Keep it safely and show the video to your son when he's older :P I'm sure he's gonna have a good laugh.

    My dad used to record tapes and videos of me when I was a kid. And when hearing or watching the tapes now, I always smile and laugh.

  2. yeah, he is so blessed to be here now... sure he will have a good laugh when he grows up and grandfather (Eugene), son and his kids will treasure this... happy video blogging..