Friday, July 18, 2008

The other side of.........

8.40am 18/Jul/2008

My usual Kopitiam (coffee shop), my designated seat and my must have fix of morning Kopi "O", , not forgetting my daily infusion from Chinese newspaper, everything seemed so like "business as usual " in this coffee shop, today is just like any other days here, untill......

Untill i saw one towering figure walking towards the boss of the coffee shop behind the cashier counter, their conversation was like someone begging for something and someone was so adamant in rejecting that"something" , without me realizing it, i was eavesdropping to their conversation,(mind me, not intentional at all, and i was seating so near to the cashier counter). The towering guy was asking the boss to let out a stall from his coffee shop to let him sell food there, the boss rejected his request because all stalls have been taken up so he said, that towering man lamented that his has lost his job for about 1 month now, and no other jobs available so he resorted to selling food, but the boss insisted that he was of no help to him. I saw him finally sauntering out of the coffee shop all dejected, as if he was shrouded by another dark cloud only he could feel, when it was actually shiny this morning.

I have never lost my job, i have never been poor, my children have never gone to bed with their tummy not filled, seriously as i am blogging now, the dejected face of that man is flasing in my mind now, i am just thinking what if he continues not having to find another job.

P/S ...P/S

If you have never experienced what hunger is, try fasting for 2 days in a row, i have done that, i know how it feels, spare some thoughts to less fortunate ones, please do not waste and please give a little bit more


  1. It's a harsh world. I can't live a day without eating. What more for others, right? I remember when I was still in my elementary years, I never get to finish eating my sandwiches. When we get home, we pass by this area where street children like to hang out and give it to them.

  2. yah.. it is not nice to be hungry.. and there are more and more people out there having trouble feeding themselves..