Monday, July 21, 2008

My Son and Char Koay Teow

While my wife and the youngest son were so engrossed in watching the Taiwan's Reality show, you know the one about singing contest last night, of which my eldest and myself were not really keen, i decided to take my eldest out for some supper plus some chit chats.

As i was driving to the eatery, i asked my son if he was really hungry as the dinner he took was just about an hour ago, he said to me, no he was not, all he wanted to do was to accompany his papa and he just wanted to talk. I got the cue, so we started talking......

So the conversation was going on, we talked, we chatted, as it was going on, i hopped into some topics about him and me and the rest of the family. I wanted him to tell me what he didnt like about me, and the other way around. So he poured his feelings out, then i got to know myself a bit deeper. Then i said i needed to tell him what i didnt like about him, and what i liked about him, i shared my thoughts with him.

Towards the end, we both made a pact that, we would watch over each other's soldiers to make sure that we both would change for the better.

P/S, Son, i really enjoy talking to you

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  1. Hiya eugene. Wow dad-son old's ur son? Way to go!