Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Family and Money

It is scary, isnt it? I heard from a friend of mine who is in the business of retailing of sauces, or soy based products, saying that by today, all products will be increased about plus minus 30%, i am really dumbfounded for all these increases that we have been hearing of late.

As reported in the press, in Malaysia the percentage of house-hold monthly income of RM3000,is about 54.4%, i guess almost everyone is feeling the pinch unless you are ultra rich. So what can we do to combat all this, it is suffice to say, it really depends on each individual.

As for me, i would take this event as a blessing in disguise, or take it as a wake up call and may be it helps to look into my family's spending pattern and to make changes. I guess it is always hard for us to make changes, but change we must.

My children are being taught what tough times are, they are taught not to waste water, electricity and food, they are lessoned to learn to save, to budget to buy what is necessary. Just the other day, my two sons came back with a brochure of a electronic dictionary which costs about RM300 each, as claimed promotional offer. I knew they loved it so much, after much explaination and some convincing, they agreed that they didnt need it after all.

Right after the annoucement of hike in electricity tariff, i summoned all my family together telling them about the hike, and i told them that i had a mission to accomplish, that's to maintain the electricity bill just like the there was no hike. They can only use hot water only early in the morning, turn on the air-con unless the heat is real punishing or unbearable.

I dont know about you, but as for me to instill in them these values i hope one day they will benefit from it, life will be many folds harder for them in the future.

P/S. It has to start from me, i know

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  1. It's good to instil in your kids the value of money.

    I got my bonus and increment and yet I feel there's no difference coz everything has gone up in price :(

    Btw, auntie says thank you for the wish, hehe :)