Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Men can change, cant they?

Everybody should know this cliche "a friend in need is a friend indeed" no further explaination required, but nobody ever says. " a wife in need is a wife indeed" or nobody says " when a man gets all his needs, the wife is not in the need"

I am truthfully and gladfully blessed that i have a wife who has always been there for me, i guess even through my biggest fear, she will still be there for me. She is a wonderful woman who strongly believes the value of a family, and the sacrifices she will make for one.

I have friends who were once not doing well, and with the supports from the wives, some of them have made it. Made it indeed some of them have, but they have changed. The one or two of them are hooked up with mistresses, but they say they prefer it to be called concubine because they are able to lavish them. I guess they have forgotten who brought them here, if not for their wives, where are they now. I wonder.

When first started, she didnt mind put her saving aside for some common goals, she never once said my money is my money, the beautiful thing about our marriage is we have common goals,
we love to do things together, we love to jog, playing tennis, drink together(now cut down a lot already, have to save some promised to children oversees trips)

So my friends keep concubine,(what's the big deal they say as long as i can afford it, and as long as i can take good care of the family) If taking good care is as such, then i shall disdain. i prefer then to take the best care of the family. They have changed, havent they? they forgot how their wives slogged for them, how they did OT to cover the family .....

They always say my time has not arrived, soon i will be like them. Ya i agreed but when my time has really arrived, i bet my wife will be driving a BMW that's her dream car,, change to a bigger house then.

P/S, based on true story. friends names withheld, their privacy is respected


  1. Eugene, Im glad that you truly found a soul mate and a best friend in your wife. Not like most men out there, they don't really appreciate and love their wives anymore.

  2. I agree with sis sexyjessie. Albeit I'm neither married nor in a relationship, I value fidelity and honesty. I sincerely hope you cherish such love you found in her - so sublime and yet so rare. :)

  3. Concubine?? Hmmm...that's such an ancient term and I thought only emperors have them?! Now, the modern terms are "mistress" or "girlfriends", haha!