Wednesday, July 16, 2008

From These Dreams on, I Shall Be Great

There is this tag line that i love so much, "The Power of Dreams" from Honda, man can be great because of dreams, great inventions are brought to life because of dreams, stars are made because of dreams too.

But then again, how many times we as parents kill the dreams in our little ones, we tell them how absurd and non-sensical their dreams can be, how they should channel their energy in obtaining straight As in their exams then dreaming the dreams that we thought were crazy.

Little by little, bit by bit, our children begin to stop dreaming big, they feel that they are not worthy of dreaming big, gradually they resign into the pattern that we parents formed in them that they have to be this and they have to be that.

I remember when my eldest son (11 years old) created his so called short movie, i was so amazed with it, from the surface of it, the movie will not win any Oscar or Golden Globe Awards for sure, as crazy and absurd it may seem, i know my son has got the talent, and some creative juices that can be enhanced. I even told him one day me and him will do some rap, some acts together, i told him one day he will become as famous as Will Smith or Jim Carrey if he doesnt let his dreams falter.

P/S , please give space to our children to dream, no matter how crazy the dreams seem to be.

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  1. papa you are soooooo smart, i love you. Ah Ma says this word "i love you" is the most nicest word in the world.

    From Marvell